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What are the 4 types of casrep?

Initial, update, correction, cancellation


How is a casualty defined for casrep purposes?

An equipment malfunction or deficiency which cannot be corrected within 48 hours, and which 1( reduces ability to perform primary mission, 2) reduces ability to perform secondary mission (category 2 casrep) 3) reduces training commands ability to perform it's mission or a significant segment of it's mission and cannot be corrected locally by rescheduling or double shifting lessons or classes


What is an initial casrep?

identifies to an appropriate level of detail status of casualty and parts/assistance required to begin correction of the deficiency


What is an update casrep?

Similar information to initial, and/or submits changes to previous information


What is a correct casrep?

Submitted when deficiency is corrected


What is a cancel casrep?

Submitted upon commencement of an overhaul or scheduled availability period when equipment is scheduled to be repaired. Anything not covered by overhaul is subject to normal casrep update requirements


What are the casrep categories?

1, 2,3, 4


Casrep flow chart

See NWP 10-1-10 page 4-3


What is a casrep 2?

Minor degredation of primary mission, major degredation or loss of secondary mission


What is a casrep 3?

Major degredation but not loss of primary mission


What is a casrep 4?

Loss of at least one primary mission


When must an initial casrep be submitted?

ASAP, no later than 24 hours after occurrence of casualty