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explain the purpose of cabinet

to advise the president.


list the four parts of alexander hamiltons financial plan. How did this financial system affect the economy of america?

pay national debt , collect taxes on whiskey. will stabilize the economy.


which action did george washingtons presidency led to the whiskey rebellion in pennsylvania what was the outcome?

strengthened the power of national governmentt.


why were both james madison and thomas jefferson views of government and those who supported hamiltons views of government.

2 party political system


explain the purpose of the unwritten constition list examples of the unwritten constitiuon

cabinet and political parties.


in his farewell address why did president george washington advise the nation to avoid permanent alliances

to avoid political involvment and to stay neutral


Marbury vs madison

powers of federal governemnt were increased over slaves * judicial review , could declare laws unconstitutional


Judicial review

Supreme law declares laws unconstitutional


why was the acquisition of loiusiana territory initially a dilema for jefferson

loiusiana purchase required a loose interpretation of the constition


why was acquiring the city of new orleans considered important to the development of the missippi and ohio river valey.

gained control of the port of new orleans and gained full control of the missippi river.


why did thomas jefforson authorize lewis and clark expedition?

to explore the route to the pacific ocean.


why is the war of 1812 called the second war for independance.

british governemt never respected the us as a free nation


explain the agreement of misoury compromise

maintained equal its of free and enslaved states.


what was the primary goal of the monroe doctrine

monroe doctorine limite european influence in america.


how was the completion of the eirie canal in 1825 affect us commerce

eiere canal linked the great lakes to atlantic coast farmers gained accesss to many markets.


During jackson administration how did voter participation increase?

ended voter property requirements.


during presidency of andrew jackson what was the purpose of the spoils system?

rewarded supporters with us government jobs.


what was the result of native americans under andrew jackson policies?

forced native americans to move west of the mississippi river


Seneca falls convention in 1848 is associated with what minority group?

Womens Rights


Where did a majority of immigrants come from between 1800- 1860? explain the reasons for the emigration

northern and western europe


why were irish immigrants discriminated against the 1840s and 1850s

because they were practicing roman catholic beliefs


why did fewer immigrants settle in the south during 1800s

more factories in the north better opportunity