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Standard of living

The goods and services that you can afford.


2 factors that differ Standard of living

1) the size of the family
2) The area you live in


What does "economy" mean?

Describe all the business activity and wealth creation that take place
• Value of your country
• Economic worth of your country


Describe the features of a "booming economy"

∆ Large amount of business activity E.g. Imports & Exports
∆ Jobs generated
∆ Money are spend on goods & services
∆ Banks are happy to lend - they have confident that people will be able to pay their loans
∆ High level of borrowing and lending


Describe the features of a "decline economy"

∆ People save or are more careful with their money
∆ Bank sometimes shut
∆ Economy recession
∆ Unable to pay their loans


What causes economy "booming" or "decline"?

It depends on
1) The country's resources
2) How they are managed
Different economy have different measures of wealth


2 Geographical factors for the economy

1) Desert
2) City
All countries do not have the same resources


How do we measure how well we are doing?

E.g. Inflation, employment rate)


Define "GDP"

Gross Domestic Product
The amount generated by a country's economic activity


Economic Growth

The increase in the ability of a country's economy to produce more goods and services
**GDP increase


Economic Recession

A reduction in the ability of the economy to produce
**GDP decrease


Advantages of a growing economy

1) More money made
2) Improve Standard of living
3) Higher demand of quality goods & services - create more job opportunities
4) Encourage immigration
5) Ecourage new business


Disadvantages of a growing economy

1) People will not be able to adopt the situation once it collapse
2) False economy, unattainable
3) Small shops might disappear
4) Lending might get out of control, which damage economic activity in the long term
5) Price might increase


Government and the economy

Mangages the economy by encouraging business activity.
*Cut taxes so that people can spend more of their money on goods and services
∆ Tax, interest rates, pensions or bank activity