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When does an eReport need to be submitted in relation to EDPs?

 all MHA apprehensions; and
 circumstances where the location of the person named on the Form – MHA is unknown and every effort to locate the individual has been made.


Section 17 MHA – Action by Police Officer

Where a police officer has RPG to BELIEVE that a person is acting or has acted in a DISORDERLY manner and has reasonable CAUSE to believe that the person,
(a) has threatened or attempted or is threatening or attempting to cause BODILY HARM to himself or herself;
(b) has behaved or is behaving VIOLENTLY towards another person or has caused or is causing another
person to fear bodily harm from him or her; or
(c) has shown or is showing a LACK of competence to CARE for himself or herself,
AND in addition the police officer is of the opinion that the person is apparently suffering from MENTAL DISORDER of a nature or quality that likely will result in,
(d) serious bodily harm to the person;
(e) serious bodily harm to another person; or
(f) serious physical impairment of the person,
and that it would be DANGEROUS TO PROCEED under section 16 (Justice of the Peace Order for Examination, Form 2),
the police officer may take the person in custody to an appropriate place for examination by a physician.


What is Section 33 under the MHA and how does it govern police officers?

Section 33 of the MHA directs
A police officer or other person who takes a person in custody to a psychiatric facility shall remain at the
facility and retain custody of the person until the facility takes custody of him or her in the prescribed manner.


What are the conditions for police to use the community based Mental Health & Justice Services police only access line?

- 16 years of age or older
- edp
- SIGNIFICANT risk of involvement with the criminal justice system
- has not been apprehended under the MHA
- they voluntarily want the help


When not apprehending or arresting a suspected EDP shall contact ____, where available.

the MCIT


Where the location of the person named on the Form – MHA is unknown and every reasonable
effort to locate the individual has been made what shall the officer do with the original Form?

 submit the original Form – MHA and eReport number to the officer in charge


When does custody occur at a facility?

Custody occurs when the hospital arranges for their staff to take charge of the individual, or when the person is taken for an assessment. With a supervisor's approval, a police officer may remain at the psychiatric facility if it is in the public interest, requested by hospital staff or charges against the person are being considered, and a decision on whether or not to admit the person has yet to be made.


The Divisional Mental Health Liaison officer shall

 co–ordinate any divisional community mental health needs through community service providers
 liaise with mental health professionals in the community and ensure divisional officers are aware of their services
 liaise with Divisional Policing Support Unit (DPSU) – Vulnerable Persons
 ensure that hospitals within the division have a sufficient supply of blank TPS 710 forms