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What is the definition of social class?

Individuals economic role, social identity and political affiliation.


What are external factors?

Factors outside school which affect individuals.


Give examples of external factors.

Material deprivation
Cultural deprivation
Cultural capital


What is material deprivation?

Lacking physical necessities such as comfortable income and adequate housing.


4 types of material deprivation (from the spec)

Poor housing
Poor diet/health
Financial support
Fear of debt


What is poor housing?

Lacking study space and resources, overcrowding and shared room space, increased risk of illness from close others.


What is poor diet/health?

Howard - WorkingClass children have bad diets (ots of sugar) affecting concentration abilities, more likely to lead to behavioural problems (hyperactivity).


What is (lack of) financial support?

Education is still costly even though it’s supposed to be free.


What is fear of debt?

Increase tuition fees puts off the WorkingClass from entering higher education, less pressure to get good grades.


Criticisms of material deprivation factors.

There are alternatives to every factor: go to a closer school, do work in libraries, take pack lunches.


What is cultural deprivation?

Lacking cultural norms and values to do well in the environment not made for you.


3 types of cultural deprivation (from the spec)

Speech and language codes
Parents education
Deviant subcultures


What are Bernstein’s speech codes?

Restricted - limited vocab, descriptive, context bound, working class.
Elaborated - complicated, abstract, large vocab, context free, middle class.


What are the other 2 speech cod studies?

Feinstein - MC use elaborated codes and encourage their children with praise.
Bereiter & Engelmann - WC mostly use hand gestures and disjointed sentences.


3 parental education factors.

Parenting style
Parents educational behaviours
Parents use of income


What is parenting style?

Educated parents (MC) are more likely to be consistent in discipline and have higher expectations of their child.
Uneducated parents (WC) have “just do as you’re told and behave” mentality, give children less independence.


What is parent educational behaviours?

Educated (MC) read to children, teach songs, help with homework, and actively involve selves with school.
Uneducated (WC) don’t help with homework, leave child and school alone, don’t see value of education system.


What is use of income?

Educated (MC) spend money on educationally stimulating toys to encourage reading.
Uneducated (WC) don’t have the money to spend on extra things for children’s school.


Criticisms of parents education.

Caricature (over exaggeration) of the social class divide
Assumes education = social class