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what happened in the visitations of 147?

the authority of bishops was suspended when commissioners were sent to examine doctrine and practices of the church


what were cranmers book of homilies in 1547?

they were to read in parish churches in place or sermons. they were written in English and argued justification by faith alone


in late august what did the visitations result in?

prohibition of processions, recitation of the rosary and burning of candles before the rood screen


when was the dissolution of the chantries?

nov 1547


why was the dissolution of the chantries so important to people?

it attacked finance, community and their eternal life


when was the dissolution of the chantries first proposed?

by h in 1545


in nov- dec 1547 what two acts were removed?

the act of six articles repealed leaving church without official doctrine and treason act removed meaning people could spread radical views without fear


what is iconicalsim?

the destruction of images


what did the order of 1548 do?

ordered all images to be remoned from ch and it received little opposition apart from devon and cornwall


when was the first book common prayer issued?

nov 1549


when was the act of uniformity?

jan 1550


when were laws against clerical marriage removed?

nov 1549


what did the proclamation of dec 1549 order?

destruction of all images in ch


what did the order of nov 1550 do?

ordered the destruction of all stone altars (symbolising sacrifice of eucharist) and they were replaced with wooden tables


what was the new ordinal of nov 1550?

only allowed ordination of priests and bishops who were truly protestant. this replaced all cath sympathises with radical preachers


when was the second book of common prayer issued?

jan 1552


what did the second act of uniformity in april 1552 do?

enforced second book of cp and made it an offence for clergy to not use second book and for laity to not attend church of England services


when were the 42 articles issued?

nov 1552


what did the 42 articles emphise?

justification by faith alone and predestination


what was not introduced to Edwardian reformation?

reformatio legum ecclesiasticarum


what was the reformatio legum ecclesiasticarum ?

new code of church law drawn up by cranmer which permitted divorce,but was deafeated by parliament in 1552 as HoL suggested that cran was threatening power of the state