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Where is the Cubital Fossa?

anterior to the elbow joint and is a triangular depression formed between two forearm muscles


What two muscles form the cubital fossa?

the brachioradialis
- originates from the lateral supracondylar ridge of humerus
The pronator Teres
- from the medial epicondyle of the humerus


What is the Base of the Cubital Fossa?

an imaginary horizontal line between medial and lateral epicondyles
- the bed is the brachialis muscle


What are the major contents of the cubital Fossa? from lat to medial

from lateral to medial
- tendon of biceps brachii
- brachial artery (which will bifurcate into raidial and ulnar arteries)
- median nerve, this lies immediately medial to the brachial artery and leaves the fossa by passing between ulnar and humeral heads of pronator teres muscle


How does the Median nerve leave the Cubital Fossa?

it lies immediately medial to the brachial artery
- leaves the fossa by passing between ulnar and humeral heads of the pronator teres muscle


Where is the Radial Nerve?

lies under the lip of the brachiradialis, which forms the lateral margin of the fossa
- under the brachioradialis the radial nerve bifurcates into superficial and deep branches


What do the superficial and deep radial nerves do?

- superficial continues into forearm deep to the brachioradialis muscle
- the deep branche passes between two heads of supinator muscle to access the posterior compartment of the forearm


Where does the Ulnar nerve in relation to the Cubital Fossa?

the ulnar nerve does not pass through the cubital fossa but instead passes posterior to the medial epicondyle


What forms the roof of the cubital fossa?

superficial fascia and skin
- the medial cubital vein which passes diagonally across the roof and connexct the cephalic with basilic vein


Where is the radius?

lateral in position


Where is the ulna?

medial in position