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What are the embryo cardiac tube regions from cranial to caudal?

Truncus arterious
bulbus (conus) cordis
primitive ventricle
primitive atria
sinus venosus


What are the chambers that correspond to adults from embryo?

proximal aorta & pulmonary trunk (truncus arterious)
right ventricle/outflow tracts (bubus/conus cordis)
trabeculated parts of left ventricle (prim. vent.)
trabeculated parts of atria (prim. atria)
smooth part of right atrium & coronary sinus (sinus venosus)


Explain how the tube folds

The cranial portion goes ventral-caudal and caudal end goes dorsal-cranial. they form a zig-zag shape forming the cardiac loop.


What forms what structure when tube folds

Atria(caudal)- form a common region
atrioventricular remains narrow
ventricle region - primitive ventricle
Bulbos cordis(cranial to ventricle)- tuberculated portion of right ventricle
conus cordis- outflow tracts for both ventricles
truncus arterious - proximal aorta and pulmonary trunk


What happens in the fourth week?

The sinus venosus (caudal end of cardiac tube) next to the atria receives venous blood from viteline, umbilical cord, common cardinal veins and delivers to atria


explain the atriovetricular division.

end of fourth week the atrioventricular cardial cushions form at the inferior and superior border of atrioventricular canal. they fuse
two lateral cushions do not.
the result are the left and right atrioventricular canals.


Where are the A/V valves are formed from?

the ventricular wallsremain in contact with the ventricular walls via the chordae tendineae and the papillary muscles.


Explain the separation of the atria.

Septum primum is formed from roof of atria
Right atria expands to the left
Septa secondum is formed (also oval foramen)
parallels septum primum
Septa secondum is rigid, Septa primum forms a flap over septa secondum


What is the intraatrial septum?

the septa primum and septa secondum


What is the limbus fossa ovalis?

n the right atrium, the border of septum secundum