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What’s the only reason we exist?

Families that come to our hospital with their pets.

Never underestimate the power of one client in relation to the total business!


What is our mission?

To provide outstanding pet care by providing professional veterinary services, pet boarding, and pet grooming to people and families that love their pets, all guided by a belief that when possible, it is best to prevent pet health problems rather than treat accidents, illness, and injuries


What are our values?

-every pet will receive the best medicinal care and emotional support
-we will maintain our ability to deliver the finest care available anywhere through a relentless pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and access to the latest technology
-preventable problems will be addressed
-existing problems will be treated
-the pet’s family will always be consulted to insure that all treatment administered reflects their love, insights, and preferences


What is our slogan/motto?

The health and happiness of pets and their people are what count. Period.


What are the 2 parts of our vision?

-we will become a memorable and cherished community pet care resource where success is measured by referrals, reviews, and client feedback
-we will offer a supportive work environment where knowledge, education, and persistence are valued, standards are set high, and accountability is realized and celebrated


Who is our mascot and what does she know?

Holly the hedgehog, pet healthcare

“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing” -Archilochus


Who are the shareholders and board of directors, and what corporate office positions do they hold?

The Chastains

Clint- DVM president and secretary
Sue- Vice President and treasurer


Who is the:

Chief of staff-
Medical director-
Group administrator-
Office manager-

CEO- Clint
Chief of staff- sue
Medical director- sue
Group administrator- Jana
Office manager- April smith


When the chastains aren’t present, who is responsible for making decisions that will affect patient care? What about decisions that won’t affect patient care?

The most senior vet (or Jana if a vet isn’t there); Jana (or April if Jana isn’t there)


Who is the clinical support staff?

Me (vet techs and vet assistants)


When do electronic medical records become locked?

After 24 hours


If you don’t give a 2 weeks notice before quitting then you:

-are not eligible for rehire


You have to give how many days of advanced notice before receiving paid vacation time?

30 days (or 2 weeks for your birthday)

Paid vacation doesn’t count towards overtime!


What is our workweek?

Midnight Saturday- midnight the next Saturday


You get paid time and a half for:

-overtime (40+ hours)
-after hours work (have to inform office manager before the pay period ends)


When do the 2 pay periods end?

End of the business day on the 14th and end of the business day on the last day of the month


When are the 2 paydays?

2 days after the pay periods end (the 16th and 2nd)

If it falls on a Sunday or holiday, then we’ll be paid the next day


What are the 8 paid holidays?

-New Years Day
-my birthday
-memorial day
-July 4th
-Labor Day
-Christmas Day


If you DO work a holiday, how much are you paid? If you DONT work?

If you do work, you’re paid 2X salary for the number of hours you worked, or 8 hours paid normally (whichever is higher)

If you don’t work, you’re paid for a normal 8 hour work day (but only if you normally would have worked on that day)


To be eligible for holiday pay, you have to:

-have worked for the company for 1 year
-work the last shift prior to AND the first shift after the holiday


When is the work schedule considered final?

After it has been posted for 24 hours


If you’re tardy, you should:

Put your arrival on the time clock adjustment sheet with an explanation, and have it initialed by April or the vet in charge

If you’re gonna be more than 10 mins late, call in and tell Jana, April, or the vet in charge


How many points do you start with for each year of employment?



1 point lost for:

<15 min late with call in


2 points lost for:

15-60 mins late with call in

Miss meeting/lunch n learn with call in


3 points lost for:

15-60 min late w/o call in

Using cell phone on the clock


4 points lost for:

Improper call for absence


16 points lost for:

NO call for absence


When do you get a verbal warning? A written warning and discipline? Termination?

Verbal warning: 7 points lost

Written warning and discipline (reduced hours or ineligible for bonus/raise for a certain amount of time): 10 points lost

Termination: 17 points lost


What is well-pay?

Only eligible after 1 yr of employment

= for each month that you have no absences or tardiness, you’re eligible to get 4 hours of regular pay


Covert Activities policy

You can’t take pictures, audio, or video of company operational activities unless given permission by the board of directors


Designated rest break times

Assigned by a supervisor, no more than 10 mins per 8 hour shift

(Only 5 mins per 8 hour shift for smokers)


What is the lifeline of the hospital?

The telephone


3 reasons an employee’s friend/family could be in the hospital:

-need vet services
-picking up or dropping off employee
-scheduled hospital tour


When can you wear the summer uniform?

May 1- September 30


Security contingency policy

Clear bag policy


Uniform reimbursement

After the intro period, I can get reimbursement for 1 uniform shirt and up to $35 for approved slacks or shoes. I can get this again during the second 6 months of employment

After 1 year, I can be reimbursed for 2 uniform shirts and up to $70 for approved slacks or shoes every 6 months


When are you eligible to receive year end profit sharing or Christmas bonuses?

After 1 year of employment


Workers compensation insurance

Covers injury or illness that happened while working and requires treatment



CVMA doesn’t offer it, but it means you and your beneficiaries can stay on the company health plan even if you leave, due, get fired, etc

No life insurance either

Health insurance only possible for professionals and salaried paraprofessionals with management tasks


To be eligible for educational financial assistance:

-have to be working for at least 6 months prior to, and through, the completion of each course
-have to be a regular full-time employee


How much will the company allot towards educational assistance?

$500 per year (to get it, you have to show proof of attendance and a grade of B or better)

You have to pay this all back if you quit within 6 months of last educational assistance payment!


How many paid vacation days do you get after 1 year of eligible service? After 2 years?

5 days, 10 days

Basically benefit year starts after 1 year of working, and during the benefit year you earn 5 days which you can use in the following year. In the following year you earn 10 days which you can use in the year after that.

So you don’t get any paid vacation days until after 2 years (1st year you don’t earn anything, 2nd year you earn but you can’t use until the 3rd year)


What is a benefit year?

The year that begins when the employee starts to earn vacation time (anniversary of the date of hire)

Basically the second year of working


When can you not take vacations?

Prior to, during, or after any holiday.


If you’re a part time employee that converted to full time, and you’ve worked with the company for over a year, when can you be eligible for vacation benefits?

After 6 months of working full time


Flextime scheduling

Employees may request the opportunity to vary their work schedules to better accommodate child care responsibilities, but it’s not guaranteed


How much do you get reimbursed for running company errands in your car?


Have to note the trip on the time clock adjustment sheet


are injuries that occur while running company errands covered? Is property damage?

Yes, no


Employee Pet Care Cost Matching program

You pay your vet bill, then the company matches your payment dollar for dollar and reimburses you through your payroll (it’s still taxed ugh)

The account must be brought to a $0 balance by 12/31 of each year!

Eligible after the intro period


Things taken out of paycheck:

-federal, state, and local income taxes
-social security taxes (matched by the company)
-fees I owe the company
-pay setoffs
-accidental overpayments


Pay setoff

Pay deductions taking by the company to help pay off a debt owed by the employee to the company or to 3rd parties


What are all the different leaves of absences? Paid or unpaid?

-voting (unpaid)
-jury duty (unpaid)
-court appearance (unpaid but can use accrued leave)
-witness duty (unpaid unless it has to do with the company)
-bereavement (unpaid, up to 3 days)
-medical (unpaid, should give notice at least 30 days before leaving and 2 weeks before returning if possible, up to 12 weeks leave within a year)
-maternity/pregnancy (unpaid, 6 weeks max)
-pregnancy disability (unpaid, can be combined with maternity/pregnancy leave for total of 12 weeks max)

All benefits and wages stop during leave!!