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Which herbs can be used for thyroid disorders?

Fucus, Lycopus

Fucus (kelp) contains iodine and can be used to treat iodine-deficiency hypothyroidism. Don't use for the long term or it can interfere with Fe2+ absorption. It can also be tainted by heavy metals.

Lycopus can treat hyperthyroidism by blocking both TSH and T4->T3 conversion. It is also a cardiac sedative and can treat PMS.


Which herbs can be used to treat diabetes mellitus?

Gymnema, Momordica

Gymnema increases insulin sensitivity, decreases cholesterol, and lowers obesity. It can worsen GERD and may potentiate other diabetes medication, so use caution.

Momordica lowers blood sugar, and should be used in DM2 only. It can potentiate statins, and is an abortifacient.


Which herbs have anti-helminth properties?

Juglans and Tanacetum vulgare

Juglans: for worms & parasites. No long-term use, don't use in pregnancy (carcinogen, mutagenic)
Tanacetum: worms & parasites. Bug repellant. Don't use in pregnancy.


Which drugs have astringent properties?

Ceanothus, Geranium, Quercus

Ceanothus (LILAC!): NASH, HSM, LAD, asthma, bronchitis, GI bleeds. Inhibits anti-coagulants.
Geranium: Hemostyptic. bleeding ulcers, HMB, open wounds. May inhibit absorption of all drugs.
Quercus: Hemostyptic. Varicosities, weeping eczema, diarrhea. May inhibit absorption of all drugs. Can cause IDA or malabsorption in general with long-term use.

Main issues with astringent drugs: they interfere with drugs absorption and block anti-coagulants


Which herbs are digestive bitters?

Arctium, Artemesia absinthum, Artemesia vulgaris, Gentiana

Arctium: ASTER. Stimulates bile. Good for skin. Hypoglycemic.
Artemesia a: ASTER. Also tx for worms, depression. No longterm use. Blocks PPIs, absorption of drugs.
Artemesia v: ASTER. Increases motility, so don't use with anyone with PUD, gastritis, GB disease, gravid. Inhibits PPIs, can cause hypoglycemia. Don't use in anyone w seizures.
Gentiana: Stimulate bile. Blocks PPIs, absorption of all drugs.

Main issues with bitters:
Asters (Allergy possible in Arctium, Artemesia) AAAA
Arctium and Gentiana stimulate bile, don't use in GB dz
All of them increase HCl and motility, so don't use in anyone with an already-irritated GI tract or who uses PPIs


Contraindications for the use of metha piperita?

CCB use (blocks)
GGGG: G6PD, GERD, gravid, gallbladder issues
don't use on sensitive skin or inhale a lot of it ya idiot

It is a carminative, anti-spasmodic and anti-emetic. Its topically cooling (OA, RA).


Which three carminatives are potentially toxic?

Cinnamon, fennel, and rosemary

Cinnamon: antibacterial against H pylori, but toxic in large doses
Fennel: antispasmodic for the GI and lungs, cross-reaction with celery allergy, CNS toxicity in large doses
Rosemary: increases Q, tx for myalgia and neuralgia, blockers Doxyrubicine and Vinblastine, toxic in large doses


What are the 6 carminative herbs?

cinnamon, fennel, matricaria (chamomile), peppermint, rosemary, ginger

cinnamon, fennel and rosemary can be toxic
matricaria: anti-spasmodic, tx for PUD. it also has sedative properties and can potentiate other sedatives.
peppermint: anti-emetic. blocks CCBs!** cooling for inflammation like OA, RA. don't give in GGGG (G6PD, gravid, GB disease, and GERD)
ginger: tx for motion sickness. inhibits COX, PG, and TX, which can thin the blood when used >4g/day. Don't give a pregnant woman >2g/day.


What are the five demulcent herbs?

Aloe, Althea, Cannabis, Linum, Ulmus
(aloe, marshmellow, weed, flax, and slippery elm)


Major interaction of demulcent herbs with drugs?

Inhibits absorption of all drugs. Ulmus also inhibits absorption of iron.


Properties of Linum usitatissimum?

Flax. laxative, phytoestrogen, anticancer
No major side effects, just don't heat the oil (destroys it)


What is the pharmaceutical made with marijuana used to treat nausea from AIDS treatment?


Don't use weed with other CNS depressants, EtOH, while operating heavy machinery, or with Sildenafil (can cause MI). Cheap weed can have Aspergillus on it.


Major contraindication of cannabis?

Don't use with Sildenafil, can cause an MI


What are the 7 laxative/regulatory herbs? Which are toxic?

aloe, cassia, podophyllum, rhanmus p and f, ricinis, rumex

Toxic ones are podophyllum (now used only topically due to internal cytotoxicity), and ricinis (castor). Ricinis seeds- 12 can kill you- tx is IV diazepam


What is the major contraindication for using Rumex crisps?

Kidney disease, as the herb contains oxalates


What is the major contraindication for the regulatory herbs?

Because they are laxatives, they inhibit the absorption of all drugs.

Most notably: hypokalemic drugs, steroids, anti-arrhrhmics, glycosides, pseudo epinephrine and licorice



Calms an overactive thyroid by inhibitor T4->T3 conversion.

Also supports heart health and menstruation.


Concomitant use of Dronobinol and Sildenafil can cause what?


Dronobinol- weed used to treat nausea from AIDS tx
Sildenafil- viagra


Red poop could be caused by which 3 herbs?

Cassia (Senna)
Rhamnus p or f