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what is the definition of energy continuum ?

the relative contribution of each of each energy system to ATP re-synthesis is determined by the intensity and duration of exercise


what is the meaning of this definition?

Each energy system provides differing levels of ATP re-synthesis
The intensity duration of exercise determines which energy system is predominant in providing ATP
They do not work in isolation


why would shot putt have a high pc percentage?

As its a short burst of energy , only needs energy for a short time and its high intensity and low duration


why would a marathon require a high % of aerobic systems?

As its a long duration of exercise


what % of anaerobic energy would a basketball player use?

80% but depends on fitness of player
standard of player
standard of game
tactics employed
commitment of the player


what is meant by energy thresholds?

the point which one energy system takes over from another and is no longer effective in producing energy for ATP synthesis


what is the official definition of lactate thresholds ?

the point during exercise of increasing intensity at which blood lactate begins to accumulate above resting levels , where lactate clearance is no longer able to keep up with lactate production


what is the meaning of lactate threshold?

this signifies a significant shift from predominately aerobic metabolism to predominately anaerobic energy production


what determines the dominant energy system?

intensity and duration of activity


What are the factors affecting VO2 max?

training (aerobic,fartleck)
physiology ( no of red blood cells and mitochondria etc )
body composition (fat)


what does obla stand for?

onset of blood lactate accumulation


when does obla occur?

when the body can no longer work aerobically and now is working anaerobically


what i the relationship between vo2 max and obla ?

if trained, can train at higher levels aerobically than untrained
as they hit obla at higher intensity of work due to higher vo2 max
there higher vo2 max the more we delay obla
therefore the lacatae threshold is higher if it has high vo2 max


what is the definition of vo2 max?

the maximum volume of o2 that can be taken in and utilized by the body per minute