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The engine control system consists of what?

2. Thrust lever
3. T2
4. N1 Sensor


How many FADEC channels?

2 - standby channel simultaneously processes all the same data and is always ready to take control of the engine in case the active channel fails


How is FADEC powered?

• >50% - (PMA) Permanent Magnet Alternator

• <50% - aircraft electrical system (AC STBY)


When does ATTCS command RSV power?

1. >15% N1 difference between engines
2. 1 eng failure during TO
3. 1 eng failure during Go-Around
4. Windshear detection


FADEC provides engine start protection on the ground for?

1. Hot - 815ºC ITT max
2. Hung
3. No light off


Does FADEC provide any inflight protections?

- Overspeed: whenever N2 reaches 102% FADEC auto commands an engine shutdown.
-In the event of 3 consecutive overspeeds within 30 seconds FADEC will NOT relight


What is the N1 target value restriction?

- Verify EICAS N1 with TO Data N1 target value
- Target must not be below MT, and no more than .5% greater.
- Reduce/ adjust flex temp as necessary to achieve this restriction
- rerun performance number with current OAT either through ACARS or contact dispatch if necessary to achieve
- DO NOT takeoff with reduced TO performance


With no ENGINE EXCEEDANCE EICAS messages, how many additional starting attempts are we allowed?



Why do we not want to start an engine with a high thrust setting?

Could cause hot start

FACED auto switches from the 10th stage bleed to the 6th stage bleed during times of high energy demand:
TO/CLM = 6th - Low Pressure
Descent/APP = 10th - High Pressure

** Low Pressure during engine start**


What kind of engines?

• 2 x GE CF34-8E5
• High Bypass
• Dual Rotor Turbofan
• Controlled via dual channel FADEC


Whats MAX thrust setting we can achieve?

• T/O-1 RSV, GA RSV = 14,200lbs thrust


What are the different Thrust rating modes?

1. T/O-1/2: selected for TO in MCDU
2. CLB-1/2:
- Ldg retracted
- >400'
- ant vertical change mode
3. CRZ:
- level at preselected ALT for 90 secs
- airspeed w/in 5kts (.1M) from preselected
4. CON:
- Auto if engine fails at or above 3000 AGL
- Manually selected in MCDU TRS menu
5. GA:
- flaps > 0 and gear down
- From CRZ,CON, or CLB and TOGA pressed


When do you consider dry motoring?

- hot start
- no light off
- really hot ITT.. Think Phoenix on summer afternoon