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Are these the entrees?

No, these are the appetizers. Medium-sized plates that are perfect for sharing.



Listed ingredients: Sweet Potato, Pig’s tails, Chile de Arbol
Price: $16

Full ingredients: Okinawan sweet potato (salt, piloncillo glaze), pig tails (poached in piloncillo, garlic, chile de arbol)

Traditionally this is a sweet potato that is poached with Piloncillo, essentially a glazed sweet potato.

We are using a blue Okinawan sweet potato, poached in Piloncillo then stuffed with braised and picked over pigs tails, snouts, and ears cooked in Chile de Arbol. The verjus is a white wine vinegar with herbs (chives, parsley, and cilantro).


Green Beans

Listed ingredients: Poached egg, Sofrito, Salsa Chapuline
Price: $14

Full ingredients: Blanched green beans, poached egg, sofrito (onion, tomato, serrano, garlic), Salsa Chapuline (toasted dried crickets, tomato, onion, lime)

"eats like a salad or a veggie side"

Poached egg atop slightly soft (longer cooked) green beans tossed in a sofritto of tomato, onion, garlic, serrano (like a warm pico de gallo). Dried and seasoned chapulín (smaller sized grasshoppers, legs, antennae, and all) salsa.



Listed ingredients: Black Garlic, Chile de Arbol, Verdolaga, Griddled Masa
Price: $14

Full ingredients: Wild and cultiavated mushroom mix (sauteed with garlic, shallots, thyme and oregano), Tortilla cake (dried tortilla, milk, cream, eggs, salt), griddled. Tossed w: Fremented black garlic, raw garlic, grape seed oil, mushroom vinegar (mushrooms in apple cider vinegar), chile de arbol, brown sugar, lemon juice, verdulaga.

Black garlic is fermented, which adds a sweetness and funky complexity to the dish. Mushrooms are sauteed with Chile Arbol, Verdolaga (aka Purslane) a green herb, it is nutritious and succulent, yet it has long been considered a weed in the United States; griddled masa, vinaigrette, and chopped oregano.



Listed ingredients: Oxtail, Plaintain, Habanero
Price: $11

Full ingredients: 2 corn tortillas, quesillo and jack cheese, braised pressure cooked oxtail (onion, tomato, garlic), fried plantain, diced habenero pepper, burnt carrot salsa.

A mix of rich oxtail (tastes like a fattier version of a short rib), plantains that have been fried and smashed are added to the meat for sweetness. Habaneros for their floral sweetness with lots of good heat. Quesillo cheese (Mexican fresh Mozzarella) grilled between two 6" corn tortillas and plated on top of a Quemada or burnt carrot salsa.


Queso Fundido

Listed ingredients: Bacalo, Quesillo, Roasted Tomato
Price: $12

Full ingredients: Tomato and fresno chile fondu (stewed San Marzanos, onion, garlic), Bacalo (salt cod, poached in milk and garlic, mashed w olive oil), cream, milk, quesillo, fried garlic chips, parsley.

"Fondue Cheese"

Have you ordered enough tortillas for this one? Melted quesillo cheese with tomato, chile arbol and Bacalao, a salted cod that is thoroughly rinsed and reconstituted then poached in milk and garlic, then smashed down with olive oil. Unsure of something fried and crunchy on top?



Listed ingredients: Chipotle, Spinach, Cherries
Price: $19

Full ingredients: Pork belly, salted, ground, mixed with: white onion, apple, serrano, chipotle, cilantro, pig's blood, all baked en terrine. Sliced peach, arugula.

Traditionally it is a Pig's Blood Sausage of spices, seasoning, old rice, onions, in an intestine casing.

Here Chef has taken a ground pork belly, chipotle peppers, onion, apple, cinnamon, salt, whipped milk powder with the pigs blood made into a terrine, which is then sliced and griddled. Served with peaches for sweetness, but can change to any stonefruit depending on whats available; and arrugula for peppery flavor.



Listed ingredients: Cascabel, Pequin, Guajes, Pineapple
Price: $29

Full ingredients: Madegascar shrimp, salt, cascabel, pequin harrisa, diced pineapple, guajes.

A very large shrimp, almost 1 pound each, butterflied (splayed open with head and tail on), a harrisa-type paste (cascabel chiles & pequin peppers, roasted and puréed with cumin, coriander, caraway and olive oil). There is diced pineapple and guajes (edible seeds of the Leucaenab tree). 



Listed ingredients: Brisket, Chipotle, Cucumber, Jicama
Price: $13

Full ingredients: Brisket (poached in onion, chipotle, tomato, tamarind), poaching liquid (reduced), cucumber, tomato, jicama.

A "Cold Beef Salad"

Brisket (with lots of fatty tissue and flavor) boiled in tamarind and chipotle for two hours with tomato and onion. Its then shredded. Some of the poaching liquid is retained to make the dressing (short of saying BBQ sauce). These are tossed with Jicama, Cucumber and Tomatoes.


Pollo Prensado

Listed ingredients: Chicken Thigh, Chicken Skins, Guajillo
Price: $9

Full ingredients: Prensado (cured pressed meat and skin), rebraised with onion, serrano, guajillo, and tomatillo.

This is a guisado (or stew) with a pressed chicken and peppers. Tortillas are recommended with this dish.

Chicken skins are fried, then pressed together while hot to make them more dense, salt is added to pull out water, more skins and thigh meats are added to the press. Sliced then added to the stew. Topped with crunchy skins and cilantro.

Chile arbol, Serrano, and Guajillo peppers are used in this dish.