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Define Geography (3)

- social sciences and natural sciences
- link relationship between human activities and environmental processes
- studies cultural, environmental, economic, sustainability and how it influences space and place


The four different sustainability (4)

- environmental sustainability
- social sustainability
- economic sustainability
- cultural sustainability


Difference between Khao Kredan and Kho Phi Phi Don Island (2)

- Khao Kredan: conservation of the park
- Koh Phi Phi Don: no conservation and allows massive tourism


What is happening to Borneo Malaysia (2)

- deforestation due to palm oil
- orangutans are limited to live only in green zones


Thunngwa- Ethic Moken Community of Southern Thailand (6)

- 2004
- traditional language dying due to exposure to the outside world
- people no longer live in bamboo huts
- Tsunami created problem to change into modernization
- not on the grid to being on the grid
- from being sustainable to the least sustainable place


What is happening to the planet (5)

- by 2030 population would have reached 8.3 billion
- much of land is devoted to agriculture (11% to crops)
- 30% to increase grain production
- soil degradation (loss of fertile and nutrients) due to increase in pollution and sedimentation in streams and river, declining fishes
- soil holds less water, so flooding occurs


Sustainability relating to climate change (cause of climate change) (3)

- greenhouse gases
- warming of the oceans
- increase in temperature vs species ability to adapt


Industrial City of the Yangtze River (1)

- industries causes pollution in the ocean


The Mekong River of 2011 (4)

- China, Burma, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia
- concern of building hydro power dams on the river lower mainstreams
- China has already build hydro power affecting peoples livelihoods
- erosion cause water surges


Sustainability in Cities (4)

- cities consumes 75 % of the world energy and 80% greenhouse gases
- growing 2% each year in developed countries and 3% in developing countries
- 2009 half the population lived in cities
- cities are urban environments that separate us from nature


Who is Jacob Bronowki (1)

- idea that technology and efficiency of man will lead cities to become more efficient


Who is Paul Ehrlich- Neo Malthusian (1)

- cities result in human losing contact with earth, leading to a downward spiral of degradation


Three different scenarios for future cities (3)

- ruralized city: David Homgren concept of suburbs being converted to urban gargens
- the divided city: idea that cities will become divided along ecological lines
- resilient city: clean energy, efficient transit, and walkable efficient urban environment


What are Smart Technology cities (4)

- Singapore: does not own resources and imports from other country
- Europe: don’t have huge stockpile of fossil (energy) so imports from Russia through pipeline
- France: nuclear energy because they aren’t burning coal
- Canada: hard to get them to use greenhouse gases as they have massive fossil fuel