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Equilibrium - Definition

A state of balance or stability.
Equilibrium is disrupted and ultimately restored.


What did Todorov suggest?

Narratives are linear that follow key points of progression in a chronological order.
Narratives involve characters solving a problem ending in a resolution.


Stage 1

The initial state of equilibrium at the beginning of a narrative.
The narrative is set up through introducing the characters and setting to the audience.


Stage 2

The disruption or breakdown of equilibrium through an event - disequilibrium.


Stage 3

Recognition that the equilibrium has been disrupted.


Stage 4

Attempts to restore the equilibrium.
The narrative develops through attempts to restore and repair the equilibrium.


Stage 5

Successful restoration of equilibrium at the end of the narrative.
However, this is not the same equilibrium as at the start.


Theory in a nutshell

Narratives follow a pattern of Equilibrium>Disruption>New Equilibrium