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what is a hoyer lift?

a type of dependent lift 


what is the purpose of an IV line?

used to deliver meds/fluids via peripheral vein

most often placed in the antecubital fossa in the median cubital vein


list some precautions for IV lines

  1. Don't kink line
  2. Keep bag above level of insertion
  3. If possible take BP on non-IV side
  4. alert nursing if insertion site is red/swollen



what is the purpose of an A-line?

used to measure BP, withdraw blood, or admin meds



how can you ID an A-line from an IV-line?

if it has rigid sides, its an A-line


list some precautions for A-lines

  1. Avoid excess ROM around line
  2. maintain the insertion site level w/transducer
  3. Can be disconnected but check w/nursing



What is a PICC line and what is it's purpose?

Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter

surgically inserted from UE vein to superior vena cava

used for long-term med admin


List some precautions for PICC lines

  1. avoid BP in same UE 
  2. avoid axillary crutches
  3. Can be disconnected but check w/nursing



What is an NG tube and what is it used for?

Nasogastric Intubation

used for short-term feeding when pt cannot take in food/hydration PO

can be used to suction stomach contents


list some precautions for NG tubes

  1. avoid supine position for at least 30 min after feeding
  2. Can be disconnected but check w/nursing



what is a PEG tube and what is it used for?

Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy

tube inserted through abdominal wall into stomach

used for long-term delivery of nutrition, fluids, and meds


list some precautions for PEG tubes

  1. avoid supine for at least 30 min after feeding
  2. avoid placing gait belt over tube/insertion point
  3. Can be disconnected but check w/nursing and make sure tube is capped



what is the purpose of a nasal cannula?

supplemental O2

may be hooked up to wall device or portable tank


list some precautions for nasal cannulas

  1. pt attached to specialized device that may/may not be portable
  2. Cannot be disconnected, pt will need O2 especially during PT



List various methods of delivering O2 to a pt (types of masks)

  1. Low flow:
    • nasal cannula
    • face mask
    • face tent
  2. High flow:
    • venturi mask
    • non-rebeather


what is the purpose of a Foley Catheter?

used to drain the bladder


what is the difference between a Foley catheter and a Texas catheter?

Foley - indwelling catheter inserted into urethra, held in place w/inflated ballon

Texas - held in place by condom (taped in place)


list precautions for a Foley Catheter

  1. empty bag before mobility
    • check w/nursing 1st to see if they are measuring in/out
  2. avoid tension or pinching tubing
  3. Cannot be disconnected



what is one more precaution for a Texas catheter that a Foley Catheter doesn't have?

Texas catheters can easily fall off if bag is heavy w/urine or tubing has tension on it


what is a Jackson-Pratt drain and what is it used for?

a surgical drain in a wound

used to remove pus, blood, or other fluids from wounds

often used to prevent accumulation of fluids that increase infection risk




T/F: a Jackson-Pratt drain can be removed/disconnected



What is a chest tube? What is it's purpose?

a tube inserted into pleural space and connects to chest drainage unit

used to drain fluid or maintain pulmonary inflation


list precautions for a chest tube

  1. avoid tipping over box
  2. avoid tension on tubing
  3. Cannot be disconnected



what is an epidural? What is it used for?

a type of continuous peripheral nerve block 

used for regional pain relief -- provides slow infusion of med into epidural space


what is an epineural? What is it used for?

used for regional pain relief - slow infusion of med over peripheral nerve


list some precuations for epineurals and epidurals

  1. check motor and sensory function prior to mobilization
  2. avoid tension on the line 
  3. Cannot be disconnected



what is PCA?

Patient Controlled Analgesia

electronically controlled pump that delivers IV pain med when pt pushes button 

system automatically stops providing meds at a set level to avoid overmedication


what is the purpose of Telemetry?

monitors electrical cardiac activity (ECG)



what is a wound-vac? What is it's purpose?

vacuum-assisted closure, uses negative pressure on wound

foam or gauze dressing placed directly on wound, adhesive film covers/seals it

used to pull fluid from wound, reduce edema, clean wound, remove bacteria




list some precautions for wound-vacs

Usually cannot be disconnected (vac goes w/pt)