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Ww1 and isolationism Knowledge 1.

Following the outbreak of war-
Felt bad for mother countries
German and Austrian origin - supported Germany in war
Germans faced with hostility as stories of atrocities entered US hatred of immigrants increased


Ww1 and isolationism knowledge 2.

USA joined war late as wanted to stay neutral
Joined and repercussions caused them to want to isolate themselves from European affairs
Did not ratify TOV or join League of Nations


Counter for ww1 and isolationism

Can be suggested hostility pre dated the war as 1913 Alien land law act—- excluded immigrants from buying Californian land


Evaluation for Ww1 and isolationism

Relatively important as - Irish faves hostility due to being seen as anti Irish questioning loyalties in war
Less important than wasp as 1882 Chinese exclusion act- Chinese not allowed in California
Shows it pre dates the war and war acted as catalyst


Wasp racism and prejudice K 1.

Came from north Europe in 1820s and see them selves as native Americans
new immigrants came from south Eastern Europe in 1880s and wasps felt superior to them due to their origins and difference in culture.
Wasp = Protestant whilst new imms= catholic and Jewish
Threatens to change structures way of living


Wasp knowledge 2.

New immigrants came from poverty stricken countries OR war countries and were illiterate
So different to wasps and threatens their way of life which scared them. Threat to American vitality and to preserve superior way of like just tighten immigration controls


Evaluation for Wasps

Most important
Eugenics- scientist study that proves nordics are superior to south east Europeans and Nordic’s at top of racial hierarchy and new immigrants inferior and would die out
More important than ww1 as hostility felt was felt by wasp - factor wouldn’t exist without them


Social and economic KU 1.

Immigrants congregated with people from their own culture in ghettos mainly in north eastern cities- little Italy and little Poland-
Blamed for high crime rates particularly in cities with high amounts of immigrants
Fear of organised crime and Sacco and Vanzetti confirmed wasp fears (Italian sounding names and crime)


Social and economic counter (quote)

Us immigration commission of 1911- certain types of criminality are inherent in the italian race


Social and economic kU2.

New immigrants - unskilled and illiterate
Italians and polish used to poverty stricken countries would work for very low wages in bad conditions which undercut wages of wasps causing them annoyance and losing jobs


Evaluation of social and economic

Quite important
Al Capone son of italian immigrants famed for illegally selling alcohol and drugs during prohibition linking immigrants with crime

Less important than wasps as wasps are the ones who feel unsafe and annoyed at the immigrants for taking jobs and high crime rates so all comes down to them


KU of fear of communism

1917 Russian revolution world saw Russia become a communist state and the revolution pledged to spread communism and destroy capitalism
Worried American, a growing capability country, due to influx of Russian and Eastern European immigrants worried them even more- fear of them coming to spread communism etc etc


Communism counter

Anarchism- Sacco and Vanzetti showed anarchists as murderers real threat and prevent more anarchists coming in by tightening border


Communism Evaluation

Fairly important
4 million semi skilled and unskilled workers went on strike gov though it was a communist revolution as that’s how the Russian revolution began

Less important than wasp racism as wasps were the one who associated all the Russian and Eastern Europeans with communism as a whole (stereotypical) (racist)