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Which way should the fly be facing when placing a ladder against a building?

Fly facing away


Secure the halyard to the ladder by making what type of knot and above what rung?

Clove hitch and binder and above 3rd rung


The but man has his back towards the building and gives the command to step out when the raising man reaches _______ distance from the tip?



Hands grasps halyards at what angle to the direction of the pull to prevent rope from slipping through hand?



Can the halyards be left untied?

Yes if the situation warrants it, if time permits or it the ladder is to be rolled or carried vertically, the halyards must be tied by taking a turn around the 3rd rung from the bottom and tying a clove hitch and binder on the taught part of the rope.


When 1 man raises a ladder the but must be aganist the building, what direction is the fly facing?

Fly towards the building, then the ladder is rolled. The rope must be re-tied before the ladder is rolled.


When transporting a ladder the front man places his arms through what rungs?

Front man- arms through 2nd and 3rd rung and grasps 1st rung


Where does the rear man place arms when transporting a ladder?

Rear man- arms through the last 2 rungs and grasps 3rd rung


The but should be directly below the object, the raising fire fighter should use a __________ motion to raise ladder?

Hand under hand motion on the lower beam


When hoisting a portable ladder to the roof how man people go to the roof and what do the bring with them?

An officer and 4 fire fighters, utility rope, ladder roller, life belt, and forcible entry tools.


The rope is lowered to the ground and the ladder is placed on a beam on the ground, where does the ff on the ground place the rope and what type of knot is tied?

Insert rope between the two marked rungs, carries the rope to the butt and ties a large loop bowline.


What is done with the loop of the bowline?

Loop of bowline is slipped over both beams at the butt and brought to the regin of marked rungs, ladder is raised until bowline knot passes over roller.


The rope must be between the ladder and the building, if difficulty is encountered what should be done?

Tie a clove hitch on the top rung or rungs


The bowline knot is how many feet?



How many arms lengths is the bowline know and how long is the tail?

1 1/2 arm full arm lengths, with a one ft tail


Which rungs are marked with tape?

The first rung above center is to be marked with one inch tape at both ends, two inches from the beams. The second rung above center is to be marked with one inch tape at the center of the rung.


Evolution 21- 21A
Where do you clamp the portable water pipe

The center of the top 2 rungs


Supply lines into aerial apparatus should be from 1 source or 2 sources?

Two separate sources


Vertical movement is accomplished how?

By the FF


Horizontal movement is accomplished how?

Moving the water pipe with the aerial


Maximum nozzle pressure is?
Maximum extension of the ladder from the tip to the ground is?
When the street has a sever crown allowance must be made to insure the ladder angle does not exceed what degrees?

Acro- never ever Cry
90psi. 80ft. 70%
Never- nozzle pressure- 90psi
Ever- extension- 80ft
Cry-crown- 70%


Can salt water be used for drills?



Recommender procedure is to supply the ladder from 2 separate sources, what about a TL?

Tl you just need 1


When using a TILLER type aerial as a water tower position the apparatus how many feet from the building, with the turn table centered for maximum coverage?
When using an AERIAL ladder, aka REAR MOUNT, place apparatus how many feet from building?

Tiller- 25-35ft
Aerial- 25-30ft


In a tiller type the hose is walked to from or rear?
In aerial type the hose is walked to front or rear?

Tiller type- hose walked to front
Aerial type- hose walked to rear


Do not extend or retract fly section until water is shut down, when the ladder pipe is to remain In a fixed position, what is done with the hylards?

Hylards are tied to the turntable


With water flowing and a man climbing the ladder, the correct angle of the ladder will be that when the horizontal distance between the tip of the ladder and the center of the turntable is between?

15ft to 25ft and 70-80 degree angle

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