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How can positivity influence our lives?

increases immune system function, decreases stress, helps social experiences


What is emotional regulation?

how you manage your emotions in a situation


What is positivity?

the frequent experience of happy/positive emotions


What is impact bias?

the ability to predict how we are going to feel about a future event


What was the result of the lottery/car accident question in regard to positivity?

the person who won the lottery and the person who got hit by a car had the same level of positivity a year later


What is natural happiness vs. synthesized happiness?

natural happiness is what we get what we want and synthesized happiness is what we make of it when we don't get what we want


What are the two hormones that are mainly affected by power posing?

testosterone (powerful) and cortisol (fear)


What are the differences between a high power pose and a low power pose?

high power pose- open, takes up more space
low power pose- closed and slouched


What is self-confidence?

a feeling of trust in one's ability to succeed


What are the 3 kinds of happiness?

the pleasant life, the good life, and the meaningful life


What is the pleasant life?

"i'll be happy when..." the ability to savor a feeling


What is the good life?

engagement in life, a moment that you don't want to end


What is the meaningful life?

using your strengths in something larger than yourself


What are 5 examples of ACE categories?

(all forms of abuse) physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, domestic violence, substance abuse


What effects does toxic stress have on immunity?

it is the constant fight or flight sensation (NOT GOOD)


What are 3 chronic health conditions correlated with ACE scores?

lung cancer
heart disease


What are 3 reasons why college students procrastinate?

bad at self-regulation (we avoid negative feelings)
don't have a good concept of the consequences of our actions
not good at time management


What is the role of instant gratification on the tendency to procrastinate?

we want pleasure right away but they are short-lived positive experiences that are masked with guilt


What are 2 reasons why panic is not a good method of getting work done?

brain is moving too quickly so it is hard to think (not your best work) and there are also negative health outcomes


What is hypnosis?

deep relaxed state of consciousness where you are involuntary and responsive to suggestion


Why would someone try hypnosis instead of medication?

can be more effective and it doesn't have an effect on the liver


What is deep brain stimulation?

emitting electrodes that stimulate neurons in the brain


What is treatment-resistant depression?

there are no signs of relief from depression with therapy or medication


What are two benefits of deep brain stimulation on treatment-resistant depression?

lowered or discontinuation of antidepressants--> side effects, better acclimation in life, would talk to therapist


What is intrinsic bias?

calling on ones beliefs. ignore things we don't believe in


How are decisions influenced by bias in the media?

people don't thoroughly do research and let the media influence their decisions


What are three factors in a question that effect how bias someone will be?

susceptibility, time, and how difficult the question is (the less time and knowledge, the more bias)


How has texting and social media changed face to face communication?

face-to-face communication cannot be edited or deleted


What is the goldikocks effect?

"not too close, not too far, but just right" keeping people at a safe distance that you decide


What are 2 ways smartphones enhance intimate relationships?

constant communication, enables you to show a more personal side