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how do you Tx pericarditis

non steroidal anti inflammatory


pleuritic chest pain means what

hurts to breathe


17 y/o male presents for a sports physical.  He has a systolic murmur that gets louder when he stands from a squatting position. what is it based on this EKG

left ventricular hypertrophy

congenital- young paitnet, no time to develop HTN, so no aortic stenosis


•23 y/o female presents with left lower quadrant rebound tenderness and appears toxic. The pain began peri-umbilical and has now localized over what is the equivalent  to McBurney's point, but on the left. Her surgeon wants to take her to the OR, but is concerned about her EKG.  As the consulting internist clearing her for surgery, what is you recommendation?
EKG shows everything is backwards appearing



•20 y/o college student comes to the ER after a party where he was observed inhaling large amounts of cocaine.  He has retrosternal chest pain that began 50 minutes ago.  After reviewing his EKG you recommend which of the following:

massive anterolateral MI


How would you Tx cocaine patient with anterolateral MI

recommend he go to cardiac cath lab


A 55 y/o male dressed as Santa Claus is brought in by the paramedics unresponsive.  He was last seen at the Park Meadows Mall toy-store where he was working for the season five hours ago. After you see his EKG you recommend what Tx for what condition



core re-warming. osborn waves


•A 54 y/o female presents with irritability, says she has trouble concentration and she was in the ER last week with a kidney stone.  She has solid lump in the base of her left neck. She had a 30pk/yr history of smoking.  What is Dx and EKG look like

hypercalcemia from kidney stones

also from paraneoplastic syndrome

will have shortened QT


•A 66 y/o male, 50 pack-year smoker presents with tearing back pain.  He has a widened mediastinum on CXR and a loud murmur of aortic insufficiency.  Which EKG could be associated with his condition?

aortic dissection- R. coronary a. so will cause inferioe wall MI



initial approach with aortic dissection and inferioe wall MI

transthoracic ECHO


•A 30 y/o female has palpitations and presents to the emergency room.  The ER physician gives her a beta blocker and several days later reads about her in the obituary section of the paper. Which EKG was hers in the ER and why?

Beta blockers contraindicated in WPW syndrome


•50 y/o male has dizziness and passed out.  He smokes 2 pks/day for 30 years and is on no medications.
What would you do



•A 28 y/o heroin user begins treatment in a methadone clinic.  Three days later he is in the ER unresponsive with EKG showing torsades

What would EKG look like before drugs

Long QT syndrome


What physical findings woul dyou find in someone with long QT


Trousseau sign- spasm of hand

Chvostek's- muscle spasms of facial n


•A 62 y/o female had palpitations and was prescribed a medication. She now presents to the emergency room after having passed out and hitting her head.  Her EKG is below.

first degree AV block



she had supraventricular tachy


•62 y/o male presents with palpitations and lightheadedness. Interpret his EKG:
and Tx

ventricular tachy

Tx with beta blockers, amiodarone, propafenone, Automatic implantable cardio defibrillator


what other meds can be used to treat supraventricular tachy

beta blockers, CCB, digoxin, adenosine, amiodarone

-valsalva maneuver, facial ice bath cardioversion, cardiac ablation, carotid message or pacemaker


72 y/o female presents for a routine physical without complaint.  She has hypertension, well controlled on losartan. All of her vital signs are normal.  You order a routine EKG. 

What is it and tx?

ventricular trigeminy and no Tx


•A 92 y/o demented female is left home alone by her daughter for 30 minutes. The patient thinks her daughter has forgotten to give her medication and takes her lisinopril again.  Since she has a very short term memory, she does this several times.  Later they bring her to the ER with a complaint of dizziness.  Which EKG most likely represents hers and why?

hyperkalemic from ARB action

and really hypotensive


What medication is responsibe for U waves

hypocalcemia, hypomagnesemia

furosemide- loop!