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Site Management Policy

Required Prerequisite.
Create and implement a site management policy that employs BMPs to reduce harmful chemical use, energy waste, water waste, air pollution, solid waste, and/or chemical runoff for all the following operational elements on the building and grounds:


Site Development Option 1

On-Site Restoration (2 pts) - Have in place native or adapted vegetation on 20% of total site area (including building footprint), minimum of 5,000 sq ft, to provide habitat and promote bio diversity


Site Development Option 2

Financial Support (1 pt) - Provide financial support equivalent to at least $0.05/sq ft for total site area. Must be provided annually to land trust or conservation org within the same EPA Level III ecoregion


Rainwater Management

(3 pts) - Use low-impact development practices to capture and treat water from 25% of the impervious surfaces for the 95th percentile storm event.
Establish and implement an annual inspection program of all rainwater management facilities to confirm continued performance.


Heat Island Reduction Option 1

Nonroof (1 pt) - Use any combination of the following strategies for a minimum of 50% of the site paving:


Heat Island Reduction Option 2

Roof (1 pt) - Use high SRI roofing materials for 75% or vegetated roof for 50%


Heat Island Reduction Option 3

Nonroof and roof (2 pts) -


Heat Island Reduction Option 4

Parking Under Dover (1 pt) - At least 50% of parking spaces under cover. Roof must have 3 year aged SRI of at least 32 or be vegetated of covered by renewable systems.


Light Pollution Reduction Option 1

Fixture Shielding (1 pt) - Shield all exterior fixtures such that they do not directly emit any light at a vertical angle more than 90 degrees from straight down


Light Pollution Reduction Option 2

Perimeter Measurements (1 pt) - Measure night illumination levels regularly at least 8 spots. Must not exceed 20% above the level measured with the lights off.


Site Management

(1 pt)
-No calcium chloride or sodium chloride delcers
-Prevent erosion and sedimentation
-Prevent air pollution from CD materials
-Divert from landfills 100% of plant material waste via low-impact means
-Prevent over application of nutrients
-Monitor irrigation systems manually


Site Management Option 1

Limited turf area (1 pt) - Limit turf to 25% or less of vegetated areas


Site Management Option 2

All manual or electric-powered equipment (1 pt)


Site Management Option 3

Reduction in emissions from site management equipment (1 pt) - 50% reduction in HC and NOx, and 75% reduction in CO


Site Improvement Plan

(1 pt) - Develop a five year site plan that includes: documentation of existing site conditions, site improvement objectives, performance standards to evaluate ongoing progress, and monitoring protocols