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Where did Irish Protestant immigrants live in Scotland?

They tended to move where jobs where available, such as the weaving industry (many were already skilled weavers), after facing unemployment troubles in Ireland. They also tended to move to places where there was an existing Irish Protestant population. For example, places like Lanarkshire and Ayrshire.


What kinds of Jobs did Irish Protestant immigrants work while in Scotland?

They worked simillar jobs as Catholic Irish immigrants, however faced, much less discrimination while doing so. They found it much easier to get a job that Catholic Irish immigrants, as some refused to hire them. For example, these jobs included mines, factories and shipyards.


How did Scot's workers view Protestant Irish immigrants?

Many Scots resented protestant migrants as there was a fear of taking Scottish Jobs or that they were lowering their wages, however faced less discrimination than Catholics


What were the housing conditions like for Irish protestant immigrants in Scotland?

The growth of towns and cities in Scotland caused over crowding problems, something Irish immigrants had to face. Many lived in poor low quality housing with poor sanitation. For example, single ends, which were recorded to have up to 15 people in room.


How did the Protestant Irish immigrants continue to show thier religious identity?

They had much less difficulty that Irish Catholics when it came to practicing their religion. This was due to the protestant churches all across Scotland, letting them easily continuing with traditions. For example, groups such as the 'Orange Order' existed thrroughout Scotland (a protestant group).


How was the relationship between Irish Protestants and Scots?

They recieved a more positive welcome than the Catholic Irish, due to the fact that most Scots were protestant. This allowed them to take advantage of protestant support groups too. For example, the Orange Lodges.


What was the advantage that Protestant Irish workers had over Catholic Irish workers?

Many employers wanted to hire Irish workers, but refused Catholic Irish workers. This left plenty of jobs open for protestants when compared to their Catholic counterparts. For example, some ship building companies im Glasgow refused to hire Catholic workers.


Why did some Scots still not want Irish Protestants in their country?

This was because Irish migrants would take part in street fights between one another over religious views. This led to the creation of the negative stereotype, that the Irish were violent. They were also blamed for the loss of jobs and overcrowding in Scotland.