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Why did Britain develop trading routes during the Elizabethan?

To bring in Expensive goods e.g. silk

To bypass the taxes that had to be payed to the
Ottoman Turks

The triangular lateen sail meant ships could sail in any
direction regardless of the wind

The chance to get rich


What were privateers?

People who had been given a licence by Elizabeth
to steal from England's enemies


What was the Eastland company?

A company formed in 1579 which traded Timber and
rope with Scandinavia


What was the Levant company?

A company that traded good such as dyes and in the Mediterranean


What was the East India company?

A company formed in 1600 that traded in the far east in Silks, spices and tea


Who was John Hawkins?

A slave trader. He traded slaves captured in West
Africa in the Caribbean making him very wealthy.


How did John Hawkins increase the tension between the Spanish and the English?

He lost was the battle of Battle of San Juan de Ulüa in 1568 increasing anti — Spanish feeling in the English court


Who was Sir Walter Raleigh?

An English explorer who attempted to develop
colonies in modern day north America.


What were the aims of Raleigh's explorations?

He was given a Royal Patent to establish a Colony to
gain control North America. It was hoped that
England would gain control of goods such as wine
and oil.
To ease the problems of poverty and overpopulation
— people could be sent abroad


How successful was Raleigh?

Both Raleigh's attempts at Colonization failed


What impact did his voyages have?

He developed the idea that colonies could be set in
North America and Virginia was settled by English
colonisers after Elizabeth's death


Who was Sir Francis Drake?

A Privateer, successful captain who circumnavigated the globe 1577-80


What motivated Drake?

Money and a love of England


What problems did Drake face when circumnavigating the globe?

Rough seas
The Spanish


Why was Drakes circumnavigation an achievement?

Only the second man in History to achieve this

He was the first Englishman to achieve this

Drake returned with in treasure with Elizabeth getting 200,000 of that more than her entire income for a year


How was Drake viewed as a result of his circumnavigation?

He was seen as a hero by the English


Why was King Phillip Hostile to Elizabeth and England?

Elizabeth had rejected him as a possible husband
As a devout Catholic Philip saw Elizabeth as a heretic
English Privateers stole from Spanish ships


What was the Spanish Netherlands?

A Protestant country, controlled by Spain which had
strong trading links with England


What was England's role in the war
between the Spanish and the Spanish

In 1585 England sent 7000 troops under Dudley's
command to help the Dutch rebels. England and Spain were now at war


When did the Armada leave?

May 1588


How did the Spanish contribute to the defeat of the Spanish Armada?

The Duke of Medina Sidonia who led the Armada was not an experienced Seaman and so made poor decisions.
Medina Sidonia was not in communication with the
Duke of Parma making an invasion nearly impossible.


What role did the English play in the Spanish defeat?

Experienced seaman leading the fleet e.g. Lord
Howard and Sir Francis Drake used effective tactics
e.g. hit and run.
English ships kept their distance making the Spanish
cannons ineffective as they could only fire a relatively
short distance.


What role did luck play in the defeat of the Spanish Armada?

The wind changes direction and blew the Armada in
to the North sea making it impossible to meet up with
Parma. This was called the "Protestant wind"