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Give 2 ways you can challenge someone's face:

1. Telling them what to do
2. Showing your disagreement


Why were 'politeness factors' introduced?

To 'save face' and make others feel good by avoiding rudeness


List a few 'politeness factors':

-Words like 'please'
-Hedges "if it isn't too much trouble"
-Commands hidden as questions "could you pass me that please?"
-Modal verbs to imply negotiation 'could', 'would', 'can', 'might'
-Personal pronouns 'we', 'us


What is a positive face?

The desire to be appreciated or to increase self-esteem


What is a negative face?

The desire not to be imposed on


Describe a face threatening act and give an example

When something is said or done that challenges or rejects another person's face
e.g. turning your back on someone who is speaking to you


What is positive politeness?

Demonstrated when we show people they are liked or admired


What is negative politeness?

When we avoid on intruding on other people's lives, trying not to pry


Who created the politeness principle?

Lakoff 1973


What are the rules of the politeness principle?

1. Don't impose
2. Give options - avoid putting the person in a difficult decision
3. Make the receiver feel good - saying thing that flatter them