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Name six factors affecting energy consumption

- Physical availability
- Technology
- Cost
- Economic development
- Climate
- Environmental priorities


How is physical availability an important factor?

- Self-sufficient or reliance on imports?
- Transport costs increases pressure on consumption
- Exploitation method ease and expense


How is technology an important factor?

- Help access difficult resources
- Modern tech is very popular and energy thirsty


How is cost an important factor?

- Exploitation, processing and delivery
- Less cost more consumption


How is economic development an important factor?

- Cost in one country may be relatively expensive but not for another
- Public perception of expense depends on SoL and economic status


How is climate an important factor?

Increased consumption in areas of extreme weather e.g. North America and Australia


How is environmental priorities a factor?

- Concern for carbon emissions
- Cost of green energy may reduce consumption


Name the top six energy consumer countries

1. China
2. USA
3. Russia
4. India
5. Japan
6. Germany


Name the top four coal producers

China, USA, India and Australia


Name the top four coal consumers

China, USA, Japan and South Africa


Describe the mismatch of coal

Production and consumption is small as China and USA are largest in both this reflects high transport cost and low energy density


Mismatch of oil:
- Over half production comes from (1) so there is a (2) mismatch between small (3) and large (4) in Europe as there is no substitute for transport

1 - OPEC and N. America
2 - large
3 - production
4 - consumption


Gas production is dominated by (1) but the leading consumers are (2) showing a (3) mismatch

1 - USA and Russia
2 - Germany, Japan and Italy
3 - large