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First para?
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*Female protagonist Lydia has personality traits which conforms to the post-feminist theory, Lydia is a female matador yet deals with prejudice within her male dominated work environment - 'they say a lot of bullfighters will not fight with you because you are a woman'
-Electra complex (include the term Psychoanalytical theory) - she wants to impress her father however this leads to her ultimate demise: the foreshadowing of the inserted photograph.
-Marco's apartment: masculine mise-en-scene - juxtaposed with his feminine qualities e.g. crying
-Benigno, despite being a man is almost emasculated and trains as a nurse and carer - he is incapable of living without caring for someone, having lost his mother he almost replaces her with Alicia (Oedipus complex) - only time he is without Alicia he is in the prison cell, pathetic fallacy reflects his decline in sanity.


Second para?

-Spectator response towards Benigno and his unconventional love story with Alicia.
-Benigno's raping of Alicia is embodied by the Shrinking Lover sequence with Benigno's actions almost being excused.
-The title Benigno and Alicia sets up their relationship when they sit on the balcony together in a two shot. This relationship is established despite Alicia not being able to give her consent, she is devoid of control and opinion throughout and embodies the helpless dancers in the Pina Bausch choreographed opening sequence.
-Link to the inter-textual emphasis that Almodovar opts for often as an auteur - A Streetcar Named Desire in All About my Mother.
-Marco's grief for Benigno in the closing sequence positions the spectator to almost mourn Benigno's death with a negotiated reading we find the good and bad aspects of Benigno's character, and almost excuse him for his terrible actions. Especially with his melodramatic sacrificial act which in affect kept Alicia alive.
-Cyclic narrative of Talk to Her - Benigno's presence is still there and felt by our protagonist Marco.
-We further feel like Benigno's actions are justified as Alicia like Spain after Franco's era has managed to recover.



-Talk to Her goes against the conventions of a typical love story by challenging conventional values and character traits.



-Pedro Almodovar's Talk to Her (Pedro Almodovar,2002,Spain) won an academy award for best original screenplay in 2003, a big part of this achievement is largely down to the film's originality.