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What school of thought puts forward the notion that we can separate facts from values



What is considered to be a fact by most feminists

Contemporary society is both patriarchal and oppressive


For those who think that partisanship is desirable, or perhaps even inevitable

It follows that empirical social research is always and necessarily value laden rather than value free


Who said it is the concept of the patriarchy which marks the most distinctive and innovative contribution by feminism to political thought. It is a term most explicitly associated with radical feminism although it has gained currency on the left

Diana Coole


Who said ‘broadly essential idea of feminism is the equality of woman with man’

John charvet


What does the principles of humanism//essentialism entail?

A commitment to some form of naturalism eg human nature


What does the new form of feminism, which is associated with postmodernism or poststructuralism reject

Naturalism, essentialism, humanism, universalism


What did Immanuel Kant argue

Ought implies can


Who said the politics of today’s post modern society, in the advance industrial societies of the north and west, had to be one which recognised and embraces pluralism, heterogeneity and diversity which is to be found in these societies and which acknowledges the aspirations of different individuals and or groups to achieve recognition by others of the balie of their own particular cultural, social and and political identity

Jean Francois lyotard


Two key figures of liberal feminism (rose in 19th C)

Mary Wollstonecraft - a vindication of the rights of women
John Stuart mill- on the subjection of women


What are liberal feminists committed to?

Notions of natural, moral, legal and political equality


What was the most significant demand made by women in the first phase of liberal feminism

Right to vote (1919 and 1929)