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What are the borders of the femoral triangle?

Superior border: inguinal ligament (ASIS--> pubic tuberosity)
Lateral border: medial border of sartorius
Medial border: medial border of adductor longus
Floor: rest of adductor longus
Roof: fascia lata (deep fascia of thigh)
Base: pectineus, iliopsoas, adductor longus muscles


What are the contents of the femoral triangle?

femoral nerve: innervate anterior compartment of thigh, sensory branches for leg & foot
femoral artery: majority of arterial supply to lower limb
femoral vein: great saphenous vein drains into femoral vein within triangle
femoral canal: contains deep lymph nodes & vessels


Hod do you remember the contents of the femoral triangle?

N: femoral nerve
A: femoral artery
V: (great saphenous) vein
E: empty space
L: lymph canal


Why is it important to have an empty space between the vein & lymph node in the femoral triangle?

to allow space for the vein & lymph node to distend for different levels of flow


where can the femoral pulse be palpated?

inferior to where the femoral artery crosses the inguinal ligament
femoral artery crosses exactly midway between the ASIS and pubis tuberosity

means blood is reaching lower limb if pulse is present


How do you access the femoral artery? When would you need to access the femoral artery?

Easy to access as it is superficial within the femoral triangle
coronary angiography:
femoral artery catheterised with long, thin tube - navigated up eternal iliac artery --> common iliac artery --> aorta --> coronary vessels
radioactive dye injected into the coronary vessels to X-ray to see any blockages & wall thickening


why would the femoral artery be catheterised?

1. coronary angiography
2. draw blood for arterial blood gas


What is a hernia?

a condition in which part of an organ is displaced and protrudes through the wall of the cavity containing it


femoral hernia: what is it and how does it clinically manifests itself? treatment?

part of the BOWEL pushes through the femoral canal underneath the inguinal ligament

clinically: as a lump or bulge in the area of the femoral triangle
usually requires surgery


Where is the femoral triangle located?

hollow in the anterior thigh region