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In Experimental Design, what two things must the team bring?

What three other things must the team bring?

What is not required?

Goggles and a writing instrument

Timepiece, ruler, any kind of calculator

Other safety clothing


In Experimental Design, what will scoring be done in accordance to?

What will earn no points?

What will points be awarded dependent to?

What kind if score wins?

The expanded checklist on the scioly website

Inappropriate or no response

The completeness of the response

High score


In Experimental Design, how will ties be broken?

In what order?

Comparing the point total in specific areas

Variables, procedures, analysis of results, graph, data table


In Experimental Design, what happens if the team is unsafe?

What happens if you don't answer the assigned question?


Ranked below those who do


In Electric Vehicle, what must the team do?

How many people are in the team?

Is eye protection required?

Do you have to impound?

What is the time limit?

Design, build, and test one vehicle that uses electrical energy as its sole means of propulsion and stops close to target point




8 min


In Electric Vehicle, what score wins?

What does the final score consist of (two scenarios)?

Low score

The lower of the two run scores, or the score that doesn't fail


In Electric Vehicle, what must the vehicle travel?

What intervals can the stop point be at?

When will the stop point be announced?

Between 9 and 12 meters

Regionals .5m, state .1 m, national .01m

After impound


In Electric Vehicle, where is electrical energy stored?

What is not allowed?

What are the voltage specifics?

When are batteries installed?

What may be used to propel the vehicle?

Common commercially available batteries, labeled voltages

Lead acid batteries

6 cells- 1.5 volts or less; 1 cell- 9 volts or less; 1 battery pack- 7.2 volts or less

Immediately prior to run

Electrically energy in these batteries


In Electric Vehicle, what may other energy storage devices do?

Where must storage devices be?

How are components acquired?

Are electronic components allowed?

Operate other function, not propel device

Easily accessible locations

Purchased or made



In Electric Vehicle, what must fit in a ready to run configuration, in what size box?

How is the vehicle started?

Are sighting, aligning, guiding devices allowed?

What pieces may touch the floor?

Can the vehicle be remotely controlled?

What must competitors do?

The wheels or treads in a 35 cm by 60 cm by any height box

Using any part of an unsharpened, unused eraser, pencil- pushing down vertically

Yes, including labeled lasers

The wheels and treads and parts that were already touching the floor, pieces falling are not allowed

No, it must stop automatically

Answer questions on the design, construction, and operation


In Electric Vehicle, what must be attached to the front of the vehicle?

Where must this extend, in order to?

Where must the photo-gate lasers be placed?

Where must it extend so that its front bottom edge will be the vehicles measurement point?

What must extend past this, and it's limit?

One 1/4 inch wooden dowel

20 cm from the floor to interrupt the photo gate system

17 cm +\- 2 cm above the floor

Within 1 cm of the tracks surface

Nothing other than the dowel attachment system, of no more than 2 cm


In Experimental Design, what three things must the team do?

How many people are on a team?

Is eye protection required?

What is the approximate time?

Design, conduct, and report the findings of an experiment conducted on site



50 min