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What are we observing in the FFC

Their reproductive structures


What are the two filamentous fungi cultures we observed

Rhizopus stolonifer & Penicillium chrysogenum


Unlike the yeast-like fungi, what do the filamentous fungi form?

Hairy, fuzzy, colonies with hyphae and reproductive structures on the ends that give rise to reproductive spores.


Why do you have to use the mycological agar blocks when viewing the filamentous fungi?

Because their hyphae and reproductive structures are very fragile and easily disrupted


What are the last two steps before putting it in the incubator in the FFC procedure?

Put a cover slip on top of the agar cube and put water in the petrie dish


When interpreting the FFC, what do you put on a clean slide?

One drop of lactophenol cotton blue with the coverslip from the agar cube on top


What is the purpose of the YLF?

Comparing their cellular morphology with that of bacterial cells.


What are the cultures we looked at for the YLF?

Rhodotorula and Saccharomyces cerevisiae


What type of bacteria did we mix the specific YLF with?

Staphylococcus epidermidis


After the YLF and bacteria dry on the slide what do you stain it with and for how long?

Methylyne blue or crystal violet


Whats the difference between the bacterial cells and the YLF cells

Yeast are oval shaped compared the bacteria being cocci and yeast are larger