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Evolutionary Theory

Ability to explain psychological differences between men and women through their evolutionary trajectories. Men are more aggressive, controlling and managing- skills that were honed over centuries of evolution as hunters and fighters. Women are more are more reactive, more emotional
Maternal Instincts- more choosy w/ men
Men need to mate a alot = less choosy
Evolutionary success requires that all
members of the species consciously or
unconsciously desire to pass on their genes


Brain Studies

The differences between right hemisphere
and left hemisphere
• The differences in the tissue that connects
those hemispheres
• The ways in which males and females use
different parts of their brains for similar


His Brain

Testosterone bath that makes men’s right
brain superior
– Ruth Bleier  no significant sex difference


Her Brain

• Female’s brain is more lateralized than male
brains and thus interfere with spatial
functioning and made women less capable of
spatial tasks
– Conflicting results
– Skimpy data and interpretation