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A patient has vague symptoms of fatigue, headache, and has a positive ELISA test.

Western blot necessary to confirm


A patient is HIV +, was admitted t for pneumocystis, pneumonia, with a CD4 count <200. Based on the CDC dx, which statement by the nurse is correct?

The patient has AIDS


A patient has a + rapid antibody test result for HIV, is anxious and does not know what the nurse is saying. What action by the nurse is most important for teaching?

Remind the pt to return to repeat test


A patient states " I feel obsessed with thoughts about dying, so you think I am just morbid? What is an appropriate response from the nurse?

Can you tell me more of the thoughts you're having?


A patient with asymptotic HIV is nervous about making her baby sick. What teaching should the nurse include?

Most infants burn to HIV infected mothers are not affected by the virus.


Which patient exposure by the nurse requires post exposure prophylaxis when HIV status is unknown?

Needle stick with the syncing to draw blood


A young female HIV +, has a new Rox for Sativa. Which info is most important to include in need her med teaching plan?

Continue to use contraception while on this medication.


A patient is HIV positive with a CD count of 400. What is the most important factor for the nurse to pay attention to?

Patients ability to comply with the ART schedule


The nurse will most likely prepare a teaching plan of ART for which pt?

A pt who tested + for HIV 2 years ago and now has cytomegalovirus


The nurse palpates enlarged cervical lymph nodes. Which action is appropriate for the nurse to take?

Explain to the pt that this is an expected finding


A pt who uses injectable legal drugs asks about preventable AIDS. Which I do is most appropriate by the nurse to give?

It is important to participate in the needle exchange program


A pt treated for HIV 6 years ago has wasting of the arms and legs. What instruction will the nurse discuss with the pt?

Discuss a change in the ART schedule


How to evaluate the effectiveness was of ART meds?

The viral load test


8 years after seri conversion, HIV pt has CD 800 and undetectable viral load. What is the appropriate nursing intervention?

Encourage pt to eat right, exercise, and sleep


Older adults who take meds for CAD, which info to include for patient teaching?

Many meds have interactions when the ART drugs


What can a U/assistant ...

They can stick the patients room with PPE


The nurse signs a program to decrease HIV in young adult population, which info is of highest priority?

Prevention of HIV transmission between sexual partners


Which collaborative problem will the nurse include in the care plan for a pt with idiopathic anemia?

Potential complication for infection


Which intervention to include for pt with immune thrombocytopenia (ITP)?

Avoid IM injections


Several it's called to ask for an appt, which should be scheduled first?

23 year old with no previous health problems who has a non-tender lump in her axilla


The nurse has obtained health physical and lab data, pt with aplastic anemia, which info is most important to communicate to health care provider?



Pt has terminal pancreatic CA

Take meds around the clock and in regular schedule


Pt in home health receiving therapy, which indicates a need for assessment?

I rarely have the energy to get out of bed


Pt who has stem cell transplantation, what r u gonna put in nursing plan?

Make sure to tell them they will be in hospital for several weeks afterwards


Stage 5 lung CA tells nurse about new onset of back pain

Assess legs (strength and sensation)


The nurse care for pt with lung CA, which action is most appropriate?

Encourage pt the discuss lady life events and their meaning


Which pt should the nurse refer for hospice care?

28 year old with aids


Pt receiving Coumadin for DV, plt dropped by 110, which action should the nurse do?

Discontinue the heparin and flush w/ normal saline


Which info obtained by nurse caring for a pt with thrombocytopenia should be immediately communicated to the health care provider?

Pt is difficult to arouse


The nurse is planning to admit PRB for HI hemorrhage, which a action can be delegated to unlicensed personnel?

Obtain vital before transfusion


Pt in ER complains of a class pain after 15 min of transfusion m

Stop transfusion and flush with Normal Saline


Which pt requires the most rapid assessment by ER nurse?

A pt w/neutropenia w/temp of 100.8


Following successful tax for lymphoma for 55 year old woman, which teaching to include?

For FLUP spots to screen for malignancy


To detect possible complications with severe cirrhosis and bleeding esophageal varicose, which is most important to monitor?

Ammonia levels


Kayexelate ordered for ...

Bowel sounds


55 year old end stage kidney disease, rx procrit, which info should nurse report to healthcare provider?

Hemoglobin of 13


Which finding is most important to communicate for pt with liver transparent a week ago?

Temp of 100.8


The nurse will ask 64 year old admit for acute pancreatitis?

EtoH ingestion


Which action to be included in care of pt with NAFLD?

Review Med list


Chemo that chases hair loss, which action is appropriate by nurse?

Encourage pt to purchase a wig/hat and wear when hair loss begins


Head and neck radiation has ulceration over the oral mucosa, thick xx saliva, which action/teaching is appropriate?

Rinse mourn before and after meals with saline solution


Pt with imbalanced nutrition less than body requirement for oral older

Apply gel before meals


10 days after bone marrow transplant m, pt develops skills rash, what is suspected?

Donor t-cells are attacking pt's skin cells


Pt admitted for acute rejection of kidney transplant, which intervention will the nurse prepare ?

Administer immunosuppressant meds


The sister of a pt dx with some breast ca, which action is appropriate for the nurse ?

There are many things to consider before having genetic testing done


An older pt is having annual checkup and states, "i feel fine and don't want to pay for unnecessary ca screening test. Which answer is important?

Consequences of aging in cell mediated immunity


Pt who is anxious and has difficulty breathing after being stung by wasp



Which question is most pertinent to ask?

At what age did you start your menstrual cycle


Which area is most prone of developing. Fouled? BrCA related

UOQ (#1 on test)


After 40 year old has mastectomy, tumor he estrogen receptor + adenine, the nurse will teach the pt about?



A student nurse prepares a teaching for a pt. w/newly dx for BrCA, which is mist appropriate action?

Diagnostic test CA1(-3 level teeing


Which info should nurse include in teaching for pt receiving radiation to breast?

Skin care because radiation burns


S/E of Lupron is?



53 year old school for annual exam

The nurse will teach pt purpose or PSA


Which info will nurse include in teaching community health about regular self-exams?

It should be done in a warm room


The nurse taking history for a pt w/ possible me testicular ca, what question is appropriate to ask?

Undescended testifles


What is the Cullen sign and where is it located?

Faint blue discoloration around umbilicus


In reviewing MR, pt admitted with acute pancreatitis, has + Cullen sign, what is appropriate assessment?

In the middle of tic tac toe (#3 in picture)


The nurse is caring for pt receiving bladder ca chemotherapy, the nurse should monitor which a/e?



23 year old admitted for acute liver failure which assessment is most important for nurse to communicate with health care provider?