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Hyrum Smith

Assistant president of the Church
--dies in Carthage jail


Joseph Smith

First President of the council of the 50
--Organizes the council of the 50 in preparation for his presidential campaign and the trek west


Brigham Young

--takes over as leader of the council of the 50 after Joseph
--organizes the trek west
--receives section 136 - word and will of the Lord


Elijah Abel

First person we know of African descent ordained to the Priesthood - ordained by Joseph Smith
-- ordained a 70 - more of a missionary


Spencer W. Kimball

--kept saying he wouldn't change the policy of race and the priesthood until rec. a revelation
--Receives official declaration 2 - which extends the priesthood to all worthy male members


John Taylor

Carthage Jail witness
--survives Carthage Jail
--along with Willard Richards
--eventually becomes President of the church


Sidney Rigdon

tries to become head of the church
--Joseph Smith's first councilor in the Presidency


Emma Smith

--opposed to plural marriage
--but she goes back and forth with it
--she is head of the relief society movement organized in Nauvoo and becomes the first President


Eliza R. Snow

Organized the Relief Society when it is reformed again in Utah in 1860s
--Organized young womens and primary


David O. McKay

President of the church during period of global expansion
--Wants to change the policy but is open in saying he hasn't gotten a revelation -considered the practice of refusing to give blacks the priesthood a "policy" but not doctrine - he appointed a committee to study the
scriptures to see if policy was justified - rec. no revelation but considered changing the policy


Joseph F. Smith

Rec. section 138 - vision of the spirit world


John D. Lee

one of the primary instigators of the Mountain meadows massacre
--not the only one but he was on the scene and carries out the massacre - lead the troops


Section 124

The reconstruction of the church


Section 132

Celestial marriage


Section 136

The word and will of the Lord
--Brigham Young


Section 138

Vision of the Spirit world
--Joseph F. Smith


OD #1

The Manifesto


OD #2

The long promised day


Church of councils: disciplinary councils (e purposes)

Three purpose of disciplinary councils (section 102)
1. to assist people in repenting - to save the soul of the transgressor
2. to protect the innocent
3. to protect the good name of the church - the church's purity, integrity, and good name

--councils in ancient days - Jerusalem was the seat and Apostle, Peter, was president of the council and held keys of kingdom of God on the earth - appointed by voice of Savior and acknowledged by voice of the church
--did not plead for and against guilty in ancient courts - each person who spoke rose and spoke with evidence and according to the teaching of the spirit of the Lord - don't screen the guilty but each person accused before council had right to one half of members of council to plead his cause so he can be fairly presented before President


Church of councils: divine treasuries

section 104
1. secular treasury
--comes from the private investments of the church
--ex. churches private investments - city creek mall, BYU Hawaii, Jerusalem center (Study abroad)

2. sacred treasury
--word the Lord uses with a seal placed upon it to propagate the word of God
--print his words, fulness of his scriptures and revelations - for the purpose of building up the church and kingdom on earth, prepare people for Lord's coming
--ex. gospel library app - something from sacred library bc propagates the word of God

church follows practices taught to members: live within a budget, avoid debt, and save against a time of need
--church lives within its means and prepares to build reserves against a possible rainy day (food and money) - Hinckley


Presiding Councils of the church

Section 107 mentions main councils
1. presiding bishopric
--presides over Aaronic priesthood - administers in temporal things
--"Judge in Israel, do business of church and sit in judgment upon transgressors"
2. seven presidents of the 70
--assist 12 in traveling to build up the kingdom
3. quorum of the 12 apostles
--special witnesses of Christ in all the world - build up the church and regulate its affairs in all nations
--first to Gentiles, then to jews
--act as a traveling high council
4. first presidency
--holds rights of presidency to administer in spiritual things
--highest council in chruch
--judges the most diff. cases
--when Pres. is ill or cannot function...his 2 councilors together comprise the Quorum of the first presidency and carry on the day to day work - but major questions of policy, procedures, doctrine, programs are considered prayerfully by 1st Pres. and 12 together

they are all EQUAL IN AUTHORITY - but also serve under the direction of the elder
--so if there is a problem in the first presidency...the quorum of the 12 takes over and has authority to lead and then cont. down the chain
--if first presidency gets in trouble..bc highest group - their disciplinary council is overseen by members of the presiding bishopric - must be HIGH PRIESTS

--if there is an accusation against one of first presidency - case is tried before the presiding bishop and a council of high priests


Kirtland Pentecost

--Built in TWO CHURCH CENTERS PERIOD (April 1836)
--Kirtland temple built at immense sacrifice - so unusual spiritual manifestations happen
--kirtland safety society Jan. 1837 - but closes in Nov. same year
--angels, voice of the mighty wind (like in Acts 2 when wind filled the pentecost and they were filled with HG and began to speak in tongues - George A Smith began to prophesy and they felt the wind fill the temple and all arose, spoke in tongues and prophesy, saw glorious visions, temple was filled with angels)
--also a pillar of fire
--lots of visions in this temple

1. Moses:
--key to gather Israel (more than missionary work, gathering Israel from 4 corners of earth) (vs. 11)
2. Elias:
--covenants of gospel of Abraham, eternal marriage and covenant blessings of exaltation (we don't know who Elias is...just a title...some speculate he is Abraham himself) - brought back authorization to use priesthood to perfect eternal family units
3. Elijah:
--power of receive and perform ordinances of exaltation - including binding sealing power - fulness of Melchizedek priesthood - hearts of father to children
4. the SAVIOR visited (110) (4) - vision of father and the son (1)
--appears and accepts house as his, declares they have been endowed, promises personal appearances

when JS and Sidney leave Kirtland for Missouri it marks the end of Kirtland as the center of Church activity

three houses in kirtland
1. house of the Lord (top floor was church offices, 2nd house of learning, 3rd house of worship
2. house for the presidency
3. house for the printing of scriptures


Fall of Kirtland - restore of Kirtland society bank

Kirtland was a product of internal and external pressures
--Kirtland falls bc of INTERNAL problems in the church
--JS had vision - next day gave sermon that someone in congregation has desire to take JS life - JS called him to repent - this led to great state of apostasy in church...Heber C. Kimball says the church was broken up in Kirtland and there weren't 20 people on earth that would declare JS was a prophet of God (Oliver, David Whitmer, Martin Harris, Frederick G. Williams all left the church)

--Missouri falls bc of external problems against the church
--which leads to "all things will give thee experience"

two reasons Missourians don't like the church
1. They were worried about losing political power (bc church members tend to vote in a block)
2. Most members of the church were northerners - abolitionists - don't like slavery --- which would set the law in Missouri


Priesthood and the binding power of liberty jail

Lord safety for priesthood - if using it unrighteously...authority goes away
--can only use the priesthood through righteous principles
--can reprove people with sharpness but have to show forth an increase in love afterwards

--Lord shows Joseph that nobody is going to descend further than him when it comes to trials - trials are designed to give experience


redemption of the dead

--Not a nice place when they get there - swamp - many die of malaria, collar - other diseases which is...
--one of the things that prompts baptism for the dead
--starts but then make decisions and details (early days they were rejected bc not witnessed or recorded) - can women be baptized for men? have to have a recorder and 2 witness (section 127/128)
--lead to other revelations like: when have a temple, have to have a baptismal font inside the temple - this ordinance should take place inside the temple

origins of baptism for the dead - JS read 1 cor. 15 and taught that Gospel of Chris brings glad tidings of great joy - taught that the Apostle was talking to people who understood and practiced baptisms for the dead

"NOTHING that is done in the temple will be accepted of the Lord, except it is properly witnessed and recorded
--vicarious ordinances are at the hart of welding together eternal families, connecting roots to brances


when get to Nauvoo commanded to build two houses

1. a temple - house of the Lord

2. the Nauvoo house - for everyone who is coming to Nauvoo as a visitor
--124 - house for boarding, strangers can come and stay in
(hotel UTAH SLC)


relief society

a pair of two sisters in Nauvoo are the ones who get the idea for relief society - (Sarah Kimball and Margaret Cook)
-- want to help out with the completion of the Nauvoo temple - asked Eliza R. Snow to write a few bylaws
--Joseph Smith tells them that the Lord accepts and they shoul have more than a written constitution - we should organize it under the priesthood after the pattern of the priesthood
--JS teaches the relief society sometimes - attended 9 of 17 meetings in 1st year
--he ordains people in the RS to heal - some are equivalent of priesthood blessings - but no one was ever ordained to either priesthood
--sisters Whitney and Cleveland were ordained to administer to the sick

starts again in 1870s when Brigham Young - when railroad finishes
--needs to have someone to help get new people settled


Doctrinal developments in Nauvoo

temple ordinances were introduced to small group called the Quorum of the anointed - rec. temple ordinances and plural marriage
--In Nauvoo were 3 types of sealings:
1. for time only
--used when spouses were already sealed - to provide material needs of widow
--out of force when dead - act as ministering angels
2. for time and eternity
--not sealed by holy spirit of promise
3. for eternity only (don't practice last one today but JS had some of these)
--usually used when woman desired exaltation but was married to a man who was not a member of the church
--sealed by Holy spirit of promise - come forth in 1st resurrection - inherit thrones and kingdoms - in full force when out of the world

Lord teaches that for sealings to last forever - must be by right authority AND must be done by holy spirit of promise
--even marriage done by right authority...not eternal unless person lives in a way that the Holy Spirit can seal it


King Follet Sermon

given bc a saint, King Follett had died in an accident - gave sermon in general conference

1. JS teaches that God, angels and humans are all the same
--2 classes of angels: 1. spirits of just men, 2. Beings of flesh and bone (Resurrected beings)
--angels have flesh and bones, but we can't see their glory - devil may appear as an angel of light but if it is the devil he will flee from us (bc no body)
--so if an angel appears unto man he won't offer him his hand bc it is against the law given him
--keys of the kingdom are signs and words by which false spirits and personages can be detected - the endowment

2. he bases the entire discourse after the question: what kind of being God is? (most principles of nature of God were revealed in Kirtland period but rediscovered by JS in Nauvoo period)
--"if men do not comprehend the character of God, they do not comprehend themselves" - they are like beasts who just eat, drink and sleep
--God was once a man - now exalted

3. thinks about what the next life is going to be like - teaches the same sociality that exists here is going to exist there - brothers, sisters, friends, fathers exist there but with eternal glory

"HG is in a state of probation that if he should perform in righteousness he may pass through the same or a similar course of things that the Son has - rec. a body

Pres. Hinckley says he doesn't know if God was once a man is something the church teaches - doesn't know a lot about it - church doesn't emphasize it



John Bennet - guy who is inside the church - baptized 1840 - helps draft the Nauvoo charter - elected major general in Nauvoo - served as assistant president in first Presidency and mayor of Nauvoo - leaves and becomes apostate - excommunicated for adultery

WIlliam Law - baptized 1837 - served as counselor in 1st presidency - excommunicated - publishes the Nauvoo Expositor - when the expositor press is destroyed it is the spark that leads to JS death
--he was appointed by dissenters of church to replace JS as president of church - later organized new church

Thomas Sharp - publisher of the Warsaw Signal - from a different time and not Mormon
--just hates JS and the saints for same Missouri reasons: loss of political power
--he attended the cornerstone laying ceremony for Nauvoo temple by JS invitation
--indicted for murder of JS and Hyrum - acquitted

section 135/6 reasons for JS death
1. seal his testimony with his blood (135)
2. had to allow the wicked and righteous fulfill their destinies (136) - let the wicked be the wicked


exodus west

council of the 50 has three major functions
1. manages JS presidential campaign
2. takes over as the city gov. in Nauvoo after Nauvoo charters repeal in 1945
3. most important: manages the exodus west

Joseph Smith was first President of the council and Brigham Young later takes over

section 136
--saints should rejoice and be merry but not leave behind the widows and the fatherless
--this happened to the first part of the trek across Iowa


Utah war and Mountain Meadows Massacre

Mountain Meadows Massacre
--doesn't happen out of the blue
--there is a federal army on its way to Utah intending to remove Brigham Young and the Saints


Race and the Piresthood

historical origins we do not know racism - can make educated guesses but don't know if there is a revelation...not known why they started practicing like that
--also taught that policy can change in the church but doctrine cannot

President Kimball - during his apostolic ministry
--kept saying he had faith in the leaders of the church and wasn't going to change the policy until the revelation came
--he receives the revelation personally...not satisfied until the entire quorum of the 12 rec. it also...they do and it becomes official declaration 2 1978
--called to work with the lamanite people - appointed committee to examine scriptures in question


Hastening the work of salvation

LEARN and know DIFF. btwn them - three approaches to the millennium
1. pre millennialism
--the world will cont. to get worse and worse until Christ comes and initiates an era of peace and righteousness

2. Amillennialism
--the millennium and the Savior's return are figurative concepts - the real era of peace happens inwardly in the hearts of believers

3. post millennialism
--mankind will continue to improve until it creates an era of peace and righteousness, then the Savior will return

know what's going on when D&C 138 is given
--Joseph F. Smith is facing WW1 and the influenza epidemic - worldwide flu epidemic
--problem most devastating for him was losing his oldest son, Hyrum M. Smith - the one he thought would take his place as an apostle
--also his death coming close
--dies in the same year he rec. the vision


Spirit world (138)

door to salvation is open to all people
--all can rec. gospel in spirit world but have to receive vicarious ordinances


REVIEW!! Comprehensive section - Joseph and Hyrum Smith

Joseph: translated BOM, leads the church, first prophet, rec. first vision

Hyrum: 2nd assistant pres. of the church - holder of the keys after Oliver Cowdery apostasizes


Edward Partridge
Sidney Rigdon
Emma Smith

Edward: first bishop of the church

Sidney: first councilor in the first presidency

Emma: president of relief society - rec. section 25 - JS rec. it in her behalf
--rec. revelation that she is an "elect lady" in 25


Heber J. Grant
Brigham Young
Oliver Cowdery

Heber: makes the WOW a requirement to enter the temple

Brigham: leads the trek west

Oliver: is the first assistant Pres. of the church - he is JS's co-witness in all major things until he apostatizes and Hyrum takes his place


Eliza R. Snow
Parley P. Pratt
Wilford Woodruff
Spencer W. Kimball

Eliza: responsible for many church auxiliary organizations
--She became new president of relief society after it was reorganized by Brigham Young in 1867

Parley: his fav. guy - a lamanite missionary - Oliver was the leader of the mission - Parley had friends in Kirtland and suggested they go see them...converted entire congregation and Sidney Rigdon

Wilford: behind OD 1 - president when plural marriage officially ended
--also gave the second manifesto - 1890 - forbade plural marriages violating law of the land

Kimball: behind OD 2 - president of church when priesthood is extended to all races


reliable sources for doctrine

reliable sources for doctrine (go back to lesson about determining doctrine)
--if one general authority teaches it it is not official...need many to teach it
--go with current teachings vs. historical - we believe in current and living revelation
--if in scriptures one time not enough to be doctrine - must be in harmonized scriptural canon

Official publications of the church - know current correlated revelations (That whole chart)
--focus on doctrine of Christ and core doctrines taught in it


First vision

know about each of the accounts
--1838 is official in JSH
--1832 is the earliest - most general - others are more specific


Law of consecration

Pres. Eyring says this law today is the church welfare system
--never ended


Word of wisdom

wasn't all at once - it was initiated gradually over the course of a century


Doctrine and Covenants - developing

Originally book of commandments
--open canon - still being added to


doctrine of the gathering

both physical and spiritual
--physical: gather in stakes and temples
--spiritual: gather as one heart in the gospel


three degrees of glory

Learn about
--entrance to three and what it takes - general
--know what the church of the firstborn is


reliable sources for determining historical accuracy

--Look at historical documents and know if it is accurate

1. primary source

2. how contemporary is it?
--how far away is it written since the event actually happened?

3. does it agree with contemporary sources
--if jS says there was religious excitement at the other newspapers from the time say the same thing? - we do have these

4. does it fit the general facts
--someone says they got caught in a snowstorm...was there a snow storm at that time?

5. intent and tone neutral
--hate someone? so in favor of someone?


1. church of councils info during eras

two church centers:
--first presidency, quorum of 12, Pres. of 70, Stake high councils, presiding bishopric

--wards organized, council of 50 formed, Quorum of 12 becomes central to church leadership

--church correlation - general authority seventies are organized


Some quotes on councils

Ballard - god called grand council in premortal world to present his plan for out eternal welfare - church organized with councils


Kirtland temple endowment

saints were getting ready to dedicate the temple and Prophet JS, his father, Oliver Cowdery, Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. williams were doing washing and annointing ordinances when saw a vision of the celestial kingdom
--some saw the face of the Savior


Kimball says mission of church is threefold

1. to proclaim gospel of Christ to every nation, tongue and people

2. to perfect saints by preparing them to rec. ordinances of the gospel by instruction to gain exaltation

3. to redeem the dead by performing vicarious ordinances of the gospel for those who have lived on the earth

(4. care for the needy)

Moses: keys of gathering of Israel
Elias: keys of dispensation of Abraham
Elijah: keys of sealing


all these things shall give thee experience

richmond jail - majesty in chains - Joseph yelled at people using foul language

JS - "all things shall work together for good to them that love God"


priesthood power - losing it

losing power
--hearts set on things of the world
--cover their sins
--gratify their own pride
--exercise unrighteous dominion

gaining priesthood power
--persuasion, long-suffering, gentleness, meekness, love unfeigned
--kindness and pure knowledge without hypocrisy or guile
--reproving with sharpness but afterword showing an increase in love
--being full of charity toward all men


when JS Sr. died

gave blessing to JS Jr. and said he will live to finish his work - "shall live to lay out the plan of all the work which God has given you to do"


baptisms for the dead today

our first obligation is to our own ancestors - be celestial organization of heaven is based on families!!
--JS: "the greatest responsibility in this world that God has laid upon us is to seek after our dead"
-Wilford Woodruff - if dead could speak in loud language of 10 thousand thundrs...they woudl say to the saints to buld temple and hurry them to completion!!


doctrinal developments in Nauvoo

in 2 church centers era - plural marriage was known and JS took is first plural wife
--Nuavoo - temple ordinances introduced and plural marriage but not public
--in west - plural marriage announced publicly
--expansion period - OD1 - plural marriage excommunicable offense

--JS and 9 others rec. first endowment - later introduced to about 90 men and women - called the "Quorum of the anointed...or the "Holy Order" - led by 12...gave temple endowment blessings to worthy members of church before leaving to SLC

--celestial marriage - Joseph and Hyrum rec. DC 132 - Hyrum wrote and showed to Emma


why were the saints commanded to practice plural marriage?

1. as part of restitution of all things prophesied in Acts 3
2. to provide a customized trial for the saints at that time
3. multiplying and replenishing the earth
4. to allow all worthy women to be sealed to an eternal husband for their exaltation in the eternal worlds


Doctrine of Christ with our purpsose

faith, repentance, baptism, HG,
--first principles and ordinances
--the creation, fall, atonement of Christ

1. be with God
2. Be like God
--eternal family
--divine nature
"we live with him, we are like him, we receive all that he has" - inside the house of the Lord


The Martyrdom - Nauvoo timeline

In Nauvoo - JS nominated as candidate for president of US 1844
--presided at organizational meeting of council of 50
--King Follet sermon
--first issue of Nauvoo Expositor - urged repeal of Nauvoo charter and accused JS of limiting economic competition, perverting gospel, and practicing abominations and whoredoms
--apostates published an anti-mormon newspaper - the expositor was later destoryed
--Joseph arrested
--Joseph and Hyrum to Carthage Jail - both killed by a mob there

D&C 135/6 - Given for Joseph and Hyrum's death


the nauvoo expositor

printed by William Law and other apostates
--paper accuses JS and church leaders of false doctrines
--such as plural Gods and fall with his creations
--plural wives for time and eternity
--and accused of all crimes except shedding innocent blood


Who shall succeed the prophet?

the assistant president (used to have an assistant Pres. as well as 2 counselors in 1st presidency)
--Oliver cowdery - was the 2nd elder of the church - then replaced by Hyrum Smith - they jointly held the keys
--Joseph ordained Hyrum to take his place...but he died before Joseph did. If Hyrum had lived he would have acted for Joseph (Brigham Young)
--Lorenzo snow told his granddaughter that in the SLC temple, Christ appeared to him after Pres. Woodruff died and said he would succeed the prophet and that he should reorganize the first presidency


Brigham Young transfigured

Sidney Rigdon came to the stand to try to show people he was the rightful successor of Joseph - powerful arguments and many believed...but then they saw Bro. Brigham Young and could see the power he had and that he resembled Joseph - no doubts


steps in succession in the presidency

1. keys of the kingdom given to the 12

2. seniority - a governing principle of presidency - determines who can exercise all keys - determined by date of ordination to the Quorum of the 12

3. at the President's death there is no first presidency over the 12 - automatically dissolved when prophet dies - return to their places in the quorum of the 12 - senior apostle becomes "presiding high priest" and actively holds and exercises all keys of the kingdom

4. reorganization of the 1st presidency
--president of 12 rec. revelation on when to reorganize the fist presidency - this then requires unanimous support of the 12


Trek West timeline

--1844 - JS organizes the council of 50 - partly responsible to plan westward relocation of church

church in west
--BY leads saints to Nebraska and towards SLC
--church is in conflict with US gov. during Utah war - leads to mountain meadows massacre

Utah war
--sometimes called "America's first civil war)
--Pres. Buchanan ordered 2,500 military troops to escort the newly appointed governor of Utah - aligned the Nauvoo Legion, Utah's territorial militia against nearly 1/3 of the US army - made a peaceful settlement and ended conflict peacefully

mountain meadows
--1857 - wagon train of 140 people passes through Cedar City - some wagon members got into conflict with LDS saints
--William Dame sends message of reply instructing leaders in cedar city not to take action against the emigrants - Isaac heighs and others in Cedar city form plan to persuade local indians to attack the wagon train - John D. Lee leads the attack - Haight tells other local leaders about the plan, many object and seek Brigham Young's counsel
--John Lee and indians attack the wagon wagon at mountain meadows - same day someone goes to bring letter of guidance from counsel to Brigham Young
--one emigrant survives ad brings news that local settlers are attacking the emigrants -Haight is upset and sends orders to kill all the emigrants except young children
--local militiamen lure remaining emigrants out of camp and attack and kill all except 17 small children
--James Haslam (messenger) returns from SLC with Brigham Young's instructions to let the emigrants go in peace


Council of 50

diff. btwn church of god and kingdom of God (What council of 50 was called)

1. help with presidential campaign of JS
2. forum for practical decisions about matters in Nauvoo - construction of temple, protection
3. major role in planning church's migration west!!

ensign peak
--BY saw a vision of JS who showed him the Ensign Peak mountain, N of slc - There an ensign fell upon that peak and Joseph said, "build under the point where the colors fall and you will prosper and have peace"


priesthood in OT and NT

Extended only to certain groups (levites, Priests)
--most priesthood was Aaronic except prophets with Melchizedek

--Savior taught in House of Israel but priesthood given to men of any tribe

JS ordained at least 3 people of African descent - ran for pres. on abolitionist platform - told missionaries to teach slaves...but only with permission from their masters

many believed ppl with dark skin could not hold the priesthood
--africans are descendants of Cain and restricted
--less noble - hierarchy of races in premortality

BY taught "time will come when blacks will have the privilege of all we have the privilege of and more


teachings about the 2nd coming

most often mentioned moment in the bible is the coming of Christ
--mentioned about 1500 times in OT and 300 times in NT
--baptism 52 times and repentance 89 times

know the signs

restoration is an ongoing process!!!