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Story about Cupid shooting someone with an arrow and that person chases a woman who prays to her father that she wants to run away from the man but gets turned into a tree

Apollo and Daphne


Story about a man who saw nasty things women did, made a statue of a woman and fell in love with it, prayed to Venus, statue gets turned into a human



seeing and/ or treating a person, usually as woman, as an object; central idea of feminist theory



Story of Jupiter and Juno had a fight about whether men or women had better sex; _____ says women and Juno gets mad and makes him blind



Story of Ligdus and Thelethusa about having a baby girl, Thelethusa convinces Ligdus that she is a boy, both get in a relationship and marry, Ligdus and Thelethusa pray to the gods for a miracle to happen because they are both girls, daughter turns into a man

Iphis and Ianthe


Person who gets turned into a boy



Person who marries Iphis



Story about a husband who rapes his wife, cuts off her tongue so she won't say anything, lady who has her tongue cut off makes a tapestry for her sister to tell her what happened, sister and lady cut up their son and serve him to the abusive husband, all turn into birds as they escape

Tereus, Procne, and Philomela


Husband who rapes Procne



Sister who cuts son up and serves him to Procne's husband



Person who was raped by Tereus



Story about father and son who are stuck in a tower because the father helped a woman to have sex with a cow, son and father make wax wings to escape, son gets too close to the sun and his wings melt and drowns

Icarus and Daedalus


Person who helps Mino to make a cow suit to have sex with a cow



Son who dies because he gets too close to the sun



Has a son who is a minotaur



King who kept Icarus and Daedalus in the tower

King of Crete


Story about a nymph who falls in love with a man, the man doesn’t like her. He goes to a pond and sees himself and falls in love with himself. So transfixed with himself and he doesn’t eat and wastes away. Juno punishes the nymph by restricting her speech.

Echo and Narcissus


What makes the story of Echo and Narcissus different from the other Ovid stories?

The woman desires a man rather than a man desiring a woman


What are some parallels between Echo and Narcissus and Harry Potter and the mirror of Erised?

Mirror tells him what they desire just like how Narcissus desires himself whereas Harry desires a family and love (not self love); different interpretation of Narcissus myth

Harry’s desire is different but at the same time, he could’ve been like Narcissus if he didn’t Ron and Dumbledore talked to him later about how people wasted
away staring at the mirror.

Harry’s desire can be destructive because he is desiring something that isn’t real


water nymph who was gathering flowers near her pool when she saw a man one day. She fell in love with the son of Mercury and Venus, but he denied her advances. She pretended to leave him there in the woods, and soon he was swimming naked in her pool of water. She dove in with him and wrapped herself around him as he struggled to get away. She said that they would never be separated again, and the gods granted her wish. The two fused into one being, and they are now half-man, half-woman. Distraught at his emasculation, he begged his parents to make any man that bathed in her' pool turn half-man and half-woman.

Salmacis and Hermaphroditus


Water nymph who rapes Hermaphroditus in the pool



Man who is raped by Salmacis and gets turned into a half man and half woman