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How many fire detection loops are in each engine? The APU?

2 loops mounted in parallel


How many fires bottles are available for an engine fire? Can we discharge both bottles to one engine? How many are available for an APU fire?

Two bottles for the engines, both can be discharged into one, one bottle available for an APU fire


What type of halon is in the fire bottles?

Halon 1301 pressurized with dry nitrogen


How is an engine fire detected by the crew?

Triple chime, master warning, eng fire push switch lights, fire bell, EICAS warning message


What occurs when an engine fire push switch is pressed?

Fuel SOV closes, hydraulic SOV closes, bleed SOV closes, generator is de energized, fire bottle armed by squibs


How is an inflight APU fire detected by the crew?

APU fire push switchlight illuminates, master warning and triple chime, fire bell, EICAS warning message


What occurs during an unattended APU fire on the ground? How does this differ from inflight?

The APU ECU will automatically shut down the APU and after 5 seconds blow the fire bottle. In the air the fire bottle will not be blown automatically


What are the flight deck indications of cargo smoke?

Triple chime master warning, smoke aural alert. Cargo smoke push switch lights illuminated, EICAS warning message


How many fires bottles are available for cargo smoke?

Two, both are discharged at same time. One is immediate and the other discharges over about an hour


What indications are there for smoke in a lavatory?

Triple chime master warning, SMOKE FWD LAV or SMOKE AFT LAV warning message


What protections do we have for a lavatory waste compartment fire? Is there any indication of this happening?

A fires bottle with heat sensitive capsules that will melt to discharge the halon 1301 directly into the waste compartment. No indication unless enough smoke is generated to set off smoke detector in lavatory