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Where is the FD Oxygen System located?

Separate system located in forward vestibule ceiling


How can you tell if the FD Oxygen is flowing?

The Oxygen Flow Indicator shows a yellow cross illuminated on the FD Oxygen mask panel


How do you activate FD Oxygen Mask?

Squeeze and pull levers, this automatically starts the flow of oxygen


What are the 3 settings of oxygen flow on FD mask?

1. Normal (mix of cabin air and oxygen)
2. 100% (supplies oxygen on demand)
3. 100% Emergency (supplies oxygen under positive pressure)


Where is the EMK found in the FD?

Under the second observer seat


How many oxygen masks are in the FD and where are they located?

4 and the fwd 2 are on outside of each pilots seat and the aft 2 are on the right side of each observer seat.


Where is the over head hatch located and what is right next to it?

Above the second observer seat and descent devices (4) are next to it.


What type of fire fighting equipment is located in the FD?

1 Halon with gloves, 1 fire axe, 1 PBE


How many life jackets are in the FD?



How many flashlights are in the FD and where are they located?

2 and next to the fwd pilots oxygen masks.


What are the first few steps in pilot incapacitation?

1. Remove pilot from controls with either powered adjustment system or manual fore/aft lever
2. Remove headset
3. Secure in seat with harness, arms crossed over
4. Provide First Aid


What is the code to gain access to the FD?

3312 ENT


What colors are the access indicator lights and what do they mean?

Red- door lock is powered and commanded locked
Amber- correct emergency access code has been entered
Green- door is unlocked


How do you gain non-emergency access to the FD?

1. Make sure no pax are by door and SCCM is there
2. Dial 31, announce yourself, be in view of camera
3. Look for green light to indicate access
4. Pull door, step inside, wait to be greeted


What is the code to gain access to the key that can unlock the FD door?