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Introduction *8

1. Rewritten topic "Challenging and difficult experiences can be the cause for personal development and change, both positive and negative.
2. Introduce text and film, FAP, novella, Malouf, qld and western front ww1. ONTM, film, Perkins, SA Flinder's ranges.
3. FILM + NOVELLA explore PD and change.
4. ONTM Rose develops through difficult exp of losing child, eventually overcome prejudice because of challenging event, allows formation of more relationships including one with abo Albert.
5. FAP Jim also develops, forms relationships, starts quiet independent, challenging experience war makes extroverted and assists formation relationships.
6. Both film + novel show change can equal -
7. ONTM JIM fails to live up to Australian male, fails overcome prejudice, unable to find Emily like, Australian father should.
8. FAP JIM believes he is supposed to = tough, patriarchal Aus male but the war just terrified, failed to live up to Australian male.


Body 1 Part 1

2. At start, Jim introverted, independent, prefers to stay alone, hasn't developed many strong relationships.
3. When Jim war however, forms close bond soldier Clancy.
5.Jim form close friendship Clancy, contributes to sense of belonging. 6. war, major, difficult change toJim's normal life, able to form good relationships from change.
7. Jim became more extroverted person, positive reaction to change


Body 1 part 2


1.While xp of war helps Jim form new relationships, ONTM Rose, able to grow, form new relationships because of Emily disappearance.
2. At film start, very prejudicial, even stops her em from waving to Abo Albert.
3. As story progress, realises, she should accept help Abo Albert who has connection land.
4. She seeks him out, form a bond, sing "QUOTE" together, he is able to find her albeit too late.
5. Rose able to overcome prejudice, form bond Abo Albert, originally had no respect for.
6. positive reaction to change.


Body 2 Part 1 *7

1. ONTM Jim, typical Australian patriarchal father figure, dominating, proud.
2. He believes, sole provider, career, protector his family, + it is his job to carry out those duties.
3. When Em, daughter goes missing he refuses. help Abo = tracker Albert because of prejudice + he believes "quote"
4. This decision cost him ems life, + he never accepts Als help.
5. Jim didn't understand what right thing to do was + whether he should have accepted help.
7. Jim struggled with change in lifestyle from disappearance, was never able to grow +look past prejudice which ultimately cost him, life of his only child.


Body 2 part 2 *6

1. FAP Jim also fails to represent Aus 'protector' male.
2. While war helped him change posly + made him more extro, there were other aspects of change that war brought that Jim struggled with.
3.When he goes to war, confronted by the horrific images, instead of facing it, he = horrified + returns to one thing that he loves + is familiar with, birds.
5.Instead of facing war like 'tough Australian male' he wanted to be, he returned to part of his old life, recording birds.
6. difficult change in lifestyle war brought exposed his vulnerabilities + he failed to embody 'tough Australian male'.


Conclusion *4

1. Characters from both ONTM AND FAP demonstrate how people can have different reactions to change, pos and neg.
2. Both Jim FAP AND JIM ONTM show us that trying to fulfil role can be tough + require change, whether it's being Australian father + carer or tough Aus male.
3. FAP JIM also shows us along with ONTM ROSE how a chanhe lifestyle + horrific events can bring about pos changes in oneself, Jim and Rose both form pos relations and Rose even overcomes prejudice.
4. ONTM AND FAP show us how people change + grow through difficult exps, characters can have positive or negative reactions to change.