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What is ops specs C050 special airports?

FOM 4-4/5

Require special airport qualifications:

WX: <1000' (MEA,MOCA, initial alt), <3sm vis

1. PIC/SIC at flown into that airport using SIM. in last 12months
2. PIC qualified Pictorial means

4 Levels (SAAT)
- Level 4 highest (CA only)

PIC ONLY. Certain airports are special requiring special airport or type of navigation qualification.
1. BUR
2. Aspen
3. Jackson hole
4. Juneau, AK


C050 PIC Special airport restriction?

PIC minimum:
1. 100hrs operating experience
2. 75hrs ERJ175

FOM 4-5
- PIC must have made entry to that airport with the preceding 12 months
- or qualify by pictorial means


Who is responsible for the preflight planning, delay, and dispatch release of a flight in compliance with the op specs?

PIC and Dispatcher

FOM 4-6


Regarding Operational Control what is the PIC responsibility?

FOM 4-7

1. Command and Safety: Aircraft, crew, passengers, and cargo
2. Authority and full control (no limitation): aircraft and crew duties
3. Delay: anytime flight is unsafe.
4. MUST notify DISPATCH any time flight is delay.


What are the differences/requirements regarding Derived Minimums (C055)?

1. Single App Method / 1 Navaid:
- ADD: 400' to HAT and 1 mile to visibility
- straight in, circling, precision or non precision authorized

2. Double App Method / 2 Navaids:
- ADD 200' to HAT and 1/2sm to visibility
- 2 different straight in app (no circling)
- 2 different suitable runways (can be same RWY)
- 2 different NAVAIDS


When do you need to write an IOR?

FOM 10-47

- Accident/incident/ damage
- ATC safety concern
- bird/wildlife strike
- diversion (airport not listed)
- Emergency
- Engine shutdown in flight
- Fire
- Inadvertent slide deployment
- Incapacitated crew
- Injury to PAX or crewmember
- landing: hard, unscheduled, not nearest suitable
- laser
- near mid-air
- not fit for duty (crew)
- NTSB 830
- pax: dispute, denied boarding, FAR violation, illness, death, unruly/intoxication
- rejected Take-off
- return to field
- RWY incursion
- security related
- severe turbulence


What's the maximum FDP Flight Duty Period a LAX crewmember may be scheduled for reporting in Dallas at 11am? FAR 117

0500-1959 = 9hrs Max Actual Flight hours

9 is the Max actual flight hours in general. Before/after that time block limit is 8hrs.


What's the Max CUMULATIVE flight time limits? FAR 117

- 100 block hrs in any 672hrs
- 1,000 block hrs in any 365 consecutive days
- 60 FDP hrs in any 7days (168hrs)
- 190 FDP hours in any 28days (672hrs)


Whats are the pilots required flight items?

FOM ch.4
1. Pilot Cert: Type, class, endorsements
2. Medical
3. Corrective Lenses (spare set international)
4. Company ID badge
5. FCC restricted radio operators
6. Passport
7. Flashlight
8. Headset
9. EFB:


PIC must make ALL Takeoffs and Landings when?

SIC has less than 100hrs and:
- FAA Special PIC Qual Airport
- less 3/4 vis.
- RVR below 4000
- Water, snow, slush on RWY
- less than "GOOD" braking report
- >15kt crosswind (20kt max for SIC's)
- Windshear
- PIC discretion


What's the limitation for High Mins Captains?

PIC less than 100hrs:

ALL destination, alternate, refueling airports:
- MDA/DA: +100'
- RVR vis: + 1/2sm

At ALTERNATE, Executing app Must be:
- MDA/DA: + 300' and 1sm Vis (or whichever is higher)

- NO Exemp 3585

RVR to High Mins equivalent:
1800/2000 = 4500
2400/3000= 5000
3000/5000= 6000


How much line experience must a captain receive to get off high mins?

- 100 hrs flight time
- completed w/in 120 days after Checkride/proficiency check


What's the minimum altitudes we can operate a skywest aircraft?

NO aircraft operated less than:
1. 1000' above terrain
2. Terrain
- Flat: 1000' above highest obstacle within 4nm.
- Mountainous: 2000' above highest obstacle within 4nm
3. Under NO circumstances are an aircraft to be operated below the appropriate MEA or MOCA, except TO / LDG


When can you descend or continue to operate below and MDA/DA?

A. Continuous position to land
B. Touchdown within TDZ
C. Flight Visibility not less than visibility prescribed for the approach and:

- at least 1 of the following visual references for intended RWY distinctly visible/identifiable:

1. Approach Lighting System:
- May not descend below 100' above TDZ elevation using approach lights, UNLESS RED TERMINATING BARS / RED SIDE ROW BARS visible
2. Threshold, markings, lighting
3. RWY, markings, lighting
4. Touchdown zone, markings, lighting


Skywest is authorized to conduct what type of IFR enroute navigation?

1. Class 1 nav: Any en route flight or portion of an op conducted entirely within the service volume of a standard airway navigation facilities. Pilotage and other means is also Class 1.

2. IFR Class 1 terminal and enroute navigation using RNAV systems


What are the 7 forms Associated with Airworthiness record keeping?

1. M-2 Deferred Maintenance Items log DMI
2. M-74A / B Deferred Maintenance Placard
3. M-74C Instructional DMI Placard
4. M-100 Airworthiness Release
5. M-125 Aircraft Maintenance Log AML
6. M-127 Aircraft Flight Log AFL
7. M-288 Open Write Up Tag


What is required following maintenance before an aircraft may be dispatched for flight ops?

1. Airworthiness release
Release / Log entry required must:
- be signed by certified mechanic
- keep a record of release form for at least 2 months


How does a PIC accept Airworthiness?

1. White sheet: airworthiness release signature
2. ALL irregularities in AML: Corrected or deferred
3. ALL open MEL and CDL items on DMI log are on the release


What are some examples of Aircraft Damage that must be reported to Maintenance Control?

1. Exposure to severe wx: hail, lightening strike, extreme turbulence
2. External damage not previously reported in AML
3. Liquid spilled in flight deck
4. Bird strike
5. Exceeding operational limitation: Flaps, gear, engine or APU temp


When can you reset a circuit breaker?

- Ground: Under direction of MX control
- In flight: QRH procedure or at PIC discretion for safe completion of flight

DO NOT reset a circuit more than once


What are NRFO flight ops?

Non Flight Related Flight Operations:
- Conducted for the purposes other than transport of Passengers, cargo, nonscheduled ops.

1. In-flight functional checks IFC
- group 1: leg gear, flaps, AP, pressurization (Qualified Crew)
- group 2: ADG drop, alt flap / gear extension, power plant, control surface/cable, stall, shutdown of engine inflight (Check airman)

2. Special Flight Permit SFP
- cat 1: inop equip in excess of MEL (qualified crew)
- cat 2: Inop equip - affects operations (qualified crew)
- cat 3: AD's, ac damage by accident/incident (check airman)

3. Non-Revenue Flight
- reposition
- demonstration
- company transport
- common purpose


What is required of PIC after declaring or exercising emergency authority?

1. Notify Flight Ops MOD asap
2. Written report - IOR within 24hrs
3. VP of Flight Ops submits written report to FAA within 10 days of deviation


How long before an aircraft must be back to the gate or remote parking following an extended ground delay?

Domestic: 180 min (3hrs)
International: 240 min (6hrs)
- Unless PIC determines safety/security risk
- ATC advises RTG significantly disrupts airport ops


What are the 4 threat levels?

1. Disruptive Behavior
2. Physically abusive behavior (punch/kick)
3. Life-threatening behavior (intent to kill)
4. attempt/breach of flight deck


Are we authorized to operate IFR in Class G airspace?


B031 b.3.
1. airport must have an authorized instrument app procedure
2. approved source of wx
3. means to acquire air traffic - CTAF ok


Where are we authorized to conduct flights?

B050. a.
1. USA (48) + DC and Alaska
2. Mexico
3. Canada
4. Caribbean islands - excluding Havana


When can we accept a Visual clearance?

1. Within Class B,C,D airspace or within 35nm Class E
2. Under control of ATC facility
3. maintain Basic cloud clearances
4. Visual contact with airport or preceding traffic


Are we authorized for CAT II?


1. at least DH 100'
- RVR: 1200 TDZ, 600 MID, 300 Rollout or above charted mins.
2. Cat 2 equip installed and operational
3. ALSF 1/2
4. Required lighting: HIRL, TDZ, CL
5. less than 15kt crosswind
6. NO high mins


How much rest must a crew be given on a flight duty period between 2200 - 0500?

FOM 3.2

- 3hrs, suitable accommodation
- actual rest not less than scheduled.
- FDP must not exceed 14hrs


What's the maximum short-call reserve period? In addition, what's the max FDP for a short call?

FOM 3.2

1. 14hrs

2. Max FDP+4 per Table B
- or 16hrs
- whichever is less


Can you be shifted from long call to short?

FOM 3.2

- yes, after receiving 10hrs legal rest


How much may crew support extend your FDP?

FOM 3.2

1. 2hrs
- extension greater than 30min passed FDP may only happen once per receiving 30hrs rest.

- PIC must concur / agree to extension


What should the PIC familiarize themselves with prior flight?

91.103 / FOM 4.7

1. All available resources
- WX report /forecasts
- fuel requirements
- alternates
- known traffic delays
- rwys and lengths of intended use
- required TO / LDG distance
- All NOTAMs

2. Temp Flight Restrictions / Presidential
3. Emergency Procedures


What's on the LOADMANIFEST?

FOM 4.7

- AC
- Oil
- crew members
- fuel
- cargo
- baggage
- passengers


What are you required to keep record of per flight?


1. Load manifest
2. Dispatch release
3. Flight plan (on release)
4. CLR

- upon arrival PIC may discard all. Unless, incident, accident, emergency


What is fit for duty?

FOM 3.2

- Able to perform your job duties in a safe, appropriate, and effective manner, free from adverse effects of physical, mental, emotional, and personal problems.

- rested and prepared to perform duties. Not fatigued

- complied with alcohol limitations

- anytime a crew member experiences any way of these problems they MUST call crew support to be a removed from duty


What missing element may be missing in a weather report?

FOM 4.7

- sky condition (ceiling)