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In terms of toxicity of cruciferous vegetables due to goitrogens, is this a concern ?

Are there any particular species which one should be concerned about

Nutr Rev 2016:74(4):248-258

- The consumption of typical serving sizes of raw, commercial B. oleracae and B. rapa varieties (i.e., broccoli, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, broccoli rabe) correspond to progoitrin- and thiocyanate-generating indole glucosinolate exposures at concentrations far lower than those likely to impair thyroid function. 

- In contrast, excessive consumption (e.g., >1 kg/d for several months) of raw Russian/Siberian kale of the species B. napus, some collards, and Brussels sprouts, all of which have high progoitrin concentrations and thus can decrease iodine uptake into the thyroid to affect the synthesis of thyroid hormone, should be avoided.

- Case - elderly woman presented with myxedema coma after ingesting up to 1.5 kg of raw bok choy daily for several months.