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If you increase the pressure with a gas in a container, what happens to the pressure?

The pressure increases due to particles colliding more often on the walls of the comtainer and other gas particles.


The deaper you go in water, what increases? and why?

Water pressure exerting on your body increases the further you go down due to the weight of the water above you is greater.


How is pressure created in gases?

Pressure is created in gasses by the particles colliding with eachother and the surrounding walls of the container.


How and why are Pressure, Volume and Temperature linked?

Pressure, Volume and temperature are linked by the fact that if Volume is increased, it will increase pressure and the temperature.


What is 35 Celcius in kelvin?

0C = 273K. 273+30=303K


What does celcius measure?

Celcius measures the boiling and freezing point of water


What does kelvin measure?

Kelvin measures the temperature of everything from Absolute 0.