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The 3 key gov't objectives for forest health management are: ***

1. Pest impacts are monitored and assessed: The evaluation of pest impacts on forest resource values is supported by forest health monitoring and assessments.

2. Practices are adapted to accommodate known forest health risks based on available information.

3. Forest resources are protected from pest damage through appropriately applied direct management actions.


Where might a professional look for a list of non obligatory priorities and strategies that are applicable to the TSA he is working in? *

Annually updated TSA forest health strategy


What are the entities that are involved in monitoring the implementation of the FRPA framework called?

Collectively referred to as FRPA's "oversight framework".


What is the mandatory requirement for forest health content in an FSP? ***

Primarily, the requirement is to include stocking standards that will result in an ecologically suitable species that address immediate and long term FH issues in the area.


What is the risk to the crown when accepting early free growing declarations?

Crown becomes at risk of inheriting forest health problems whose symptoms occur in older trees. These symptoms may have been detectable if the FG survey was done within the normal time period.


What types of FH impacts are included in the CF's AAC determination? ***

Impacts included in AAC calc: Area of forest land denuded by pests, unsalvaged losses, regeneration delays, pest impacts on site productivity, accelerated harvests causing early falldowns and frequency of outbreaks.


Where does the information used by the CF to calculate a TSA's AAC come from? **

MFLRNO forest health specialist data and advice

Research by MFLRNO, CFS, universities

Forest Analysis and Inventory branch


What does the person establishing a FG stand have to do to limit their liability incase a plantation fails to meet FG due to pest or fire? **

Show that they exercised due diligence to prevent the failure to comply with the requirement


What is the responsibility of a forest professional when planning out the harvest and reforestation of a cut block as it relates to FH? ***

Must consider pests that may take advantage of blowdown resultant of poor cutblock design

must consider threat of mistletoe raining down form WTP's or other retention.

take into account most current hazard risk and impact information and prescribing the best available practices to minimize potential impacts.


What is the role of the forest professional in alien species management in BC? *

Be aware of all potential pathways for alien species, particularly where untreated wood is being imported. Bring suspicious material to the attention of regional FH specialist.


Which entities of FRPA's oversight framework have a legislated mandate? **

C and E


Ministers forest and range practices advisory council

Forrest Appeals Commision

Code Pilot Project (Ft. St John)


Which entities of FRPA's oversight framework have no legislated mandate? **


RESULTS (silviculture tracking and reporting system).


What is the function of the FPB? **

Independent public agency that functions as a watchdog for sound forest and range practices in BC.


What are the 3 main roles of the FPB? **

1. Independent auditing of compliance with, and enforcement of FRPA and WA

2. Independent investigation of public complaints about compliance and enforcement of FRPA and WA

3. In absence of the publics right to appeal to decisions made under FRPA, an avenue for the public to request admin appeals.


What does legislation specifically require of the FPB? **

Undertake periodic independent audits

deal with comp;laints from public

report findings, with reasons, of investigations and audits


What could be an unintended result of the FPPR sec 41 (modification of insect behaviour)

Although the regulation attempts to remedy potential situations where trap trees that are not destroyed before beetle flight exacerbate beetle infestations, this may end up leading to overall less licensees using trap trees to escape the liability.


FPB has no authority to address issues related to: **

Private land - except that land contained in Treefarm or WLL's

land use decisions and strategic planning

liability matters

other legislation such as Forest act and Land act


What are the 4 operational plans Required by FRPA before a licensee can engage in forest practices for management, use and conservation of forest resources? **



Range use Plan (RLP)

Range Stewardship plan (RSP)