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In Material Science, what should the students bring?

What will the event supervisor provide?

What are the safety requirements and penalties?

Nonprogrammable calculator, writing utensil, one three ring binder (any size with the information in the rings, sheet protectors permitted)

Any materials needed for the lab stations

Closed toed shoes, goggles, pants converting ankles, shirt or lab coat covering to wrists, apron or lab coat covering to knees, gloves optional but recommended -- unsafe manner or lack of safety clothing can result in penalization or disqualification.


In Material Science, what 2 things will the event focus on?

What will the event consist of? What three things specifically?

What else is encouraged?

Evaluating the mechanical performance of materials and evaluating the intermolecular forces of material

Start as an activity or activities with guiding questions that guide from the macro to micro level; the use of (demonstrated) computers or calculators linked with probes is encouraged; students may be asked to collect data (or be provided with it)

Digital microscopes and cameras connected to computers


In Material Science, what occurs after the materials are returned? What if it doesn't?

What will students be expected to do?

What should all measurements and calculations include?

Cleanup, or penalty if they don't

Interpret data by preparing tables and graphs in which the quality will be taken into account

Correct significant figures and units


In Roller Coaster, what will the students do?

How many people are on a team?

Do you have to impound?

Do you have to have eye protection?

What is the time limit?

What if the competitors don't have eye protection?

Design, build, and test a roller coaster track to guide a vehicle that uses gravitational potential energy as its means as propulsion to travel as close as possible to a target time




8 min

They must wear eye protection, if they don't they must be given an opportunity to get one if time allows, and if it doesn't then they are scored as a no show


In Roller Coaster, what are the three requirements for the tracks?

How is the vehicle held in a ready to run configuration, and how is it released?

How does the vehicle travel?

What are the specifics for the finish line? How does the vehicle stop?

Built on a base smaller than 80 cm X 80 cm X less than 6 cm, the tracks must fit within this and extend to within 100 cm above the top of the base, and must be removable

With an unused #2 pencil, and released by removing this pencil

Using its own gravitational energy, and over each track at most once

Has exactly one labeled finish line, running perpendicular to the direction of the vehicle, and can be adjusted; the mechanism must be stopped with a mechanism past the finish line


In Roller Coaster, what is not allowed?

What are the specifics for the Gap Bonus?

What must the competitors be able to do?

Commercially available track, magnets, magnetic electrical and electronic devices

Gaps are an open space of at least 5 cm that the vehicle travels across without support, the coaster can have as many gaps as you want but only five can get bonus points and must be clearly labeled

Answer questions about the design construction and operation per the building guidelines


In Material Science, what will the team do?

How many people are on a team?

Is eye protection required?

What is the approximate time?

Answer a series of questions or complete tasks involving science processes of chemistry focused in the areas of Material Science



50 min