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SOB: Identify the responsibilities of the Air Operations Center (AOC).

The AOC is the air operations planning and execution focal point for the Air Force Forces (AFFOR), where centralized planning, direction, control, coordination and assessment of air operations occur


SOB: Identify the primary functions of the Contingency Response Element (CRE).

A CRE is a mobile C2 force responsible for providing continuous onsite air mobility operations management. It is a temporary organization commanded by a commissioned officer that deploys to provide air mobility mission support when C2, mission reporting, and/or other support functions at the destination do not meet operational requirements. In addition to providing Command, Control, and Communications (C3) capability, CREs provide aerial port, logistics, maintenance, force protection, weather, medical, and intelligence services, as necessary


SOB: Identify the responsibilities of the Control and Reporting Center (CRC).

The CRC is a ground-based mobile radar element of the TACS responsible for the decentralized execution of air defense and airspace management


SOB: Identify the responsibilities of the Air Support Operations Center (ASOC)

The ASOC is the principal AF C2 node for integrating air power into Army land operations. As a direct subordinate element of the Joint Air Operations Center (JAOC), the ASOC is responsible for the direction and control of air operations directly supporting the Army land operation


SOB: Identify the primary functions of the Army Air Ground System (AAGS).

AAGS is the Army’s control system for synchronizing, coordinating, and integrating air operations with the commander’s scheme of maneuver. The AAGS initiates, receives, processes, and executes requests for air support and disseminates information and intelligence produced by aerial assets


SOB: Identify the responsibilities of the Navy Tactical Air Control Center (TACC).

The Navy TACC is the primary air control agency in the AOA for all air operations supporting the amphibious operation until control is phased ashore to the CLF and the MAGTF


SOB: Identify the responsibilities of the Marine Tactical Air Command Center (TACC).

Senior air C2 agency providing centralized command, CP for the ACE Commander, Sections include:
(i) Future Plans develops the plan in support of the next MAGTF mission
(ii) Future Operations develops and disseminates the MAGTF ATO
(iii) Current Operations monitors execution of the ATO and makes adjustments as dictated by the tactical situation
(iv) Air Combat Intelligence provides combat intelligence support for the TACC and the ACE commander


SOB: Identify the primary functions of the Tactical Air Operations Center (TAOC).

USMC - Subordinate to the TACC, Ground based mobile radar agency providing execution of Anti-Air Warfare (AAW), Conducts AD and airspace control in assigned sector


SOB: Identify the primary responsibilities of the Direct Air Support Center (DASC).

Principal air control agency responsible for decentralized execution of immediate CAS and assault support missions: Processes and coordinates immediate requests for air support, Procedurally controls aircraft transitioning its area, Collocated with the senior FSCC


SOB: Identify the primary functions of the Joint Special Operations Air Component (JSOAC).

A single JSOAC with multiple joint SO air detachments or AF SO detachments will preserve unity of command and make the most effective use of limited theater special operations air assets.