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Predicted by the manner in which the casket's cap opens. Two most commonly employed casket cap opening styles:

  1. Perfection full couch
  2. Perfection half couch

The Casket Interior


A casket in which the rim (ogee), crown, and pies are formed as one unit and which raises in one piece.

  • Deceased may be viewed from head to foot.

Perfection Full Couch


A casket in which the rim (ogee), crown, and pies are formed as one unit with a transverse cut in the cap, forming a two-piece lid for the casket.

  • Deceased is viewed from the waist up.

Perfection Half Couch


The focal part of the interior which fills the inside portion of the crown, sometimes bordered by the roll (cove).

Cap Panel (Panel)


A component part of the casket interior which is inside the head portion of the cap.

Head Panel


Component part of the casket interior (half-couch) which is inside the foot portion of the cap.

Foot Panel


No distinction is made between the head panel and the foot panel in this kind of casket.

Perfection Full Couch


A functional or ornamental covering that usually covers the foot end of the casket in the full couch casket; may be located at both the head and foot of the full couch casket.

  • Inner foot panel- in place as deceased is viewed.
  • Inner head panel- fixed in place prior to closing the casket.

Inner Panels


  • Cap panel
  • Cove (roll, puffing)
  • Fold (gimp)
  • Overlay (overthrow, throw)
  • Apron
  • Extendover
  • Hinge cover
  • Pillow
  • Cap bracket cover (knee brace cover)
  • Bed
  • Mattress cover
  • Body lining
  • Blanket

Inner Casket Components

(May Vary Depending on Casket Type)


A component part of the casket interior which lines the rim (ogee) and surrounds the cap panel.

Cove (Roll, Puffing)


A strip of metal, plastic, or cloth that is attached to the inside of the panel, covering the area at which point the roll (cove) is anchored to the cap.

  • More of a finishing component than one of practical necessity.
  • Many casket manufacturers do not include this ontheir minimum offerings.

Fold (Gimp)


The aesthetic covering for the foot cap (of the half couch) or inner foot panel of the (full couch) casket.

Overlay (Overthrow, Throw)


The lining attached to the undersurface of the foot panel of the casket and/or a component part of the throw (overlay) which extends downward into the body of the casket.

  • Many half couch caskets include a throw in addition to this.

Apron (Overlay Skirt, Skirt)


The portion of the casket interior which extends over the top body molding for aesthetic value.

  • Component part that conceals the body ledge.
  • Not present on hinged-cap style caskets



That portion of the casket interior covering the hinges that attach the casket cap to the casket body; usually extends from the (bottom) roll and becomes part of the body lining.

  • Not to be confused withthe cap bracket cover (knee brace cover)

Hinge Cover (Hinge Skirt)


An aesthetic covering - a sleeve - for that piece of hardware that helps to maintain the cap of an open casket in position.

Cap Bracket Cover (Knee Brace Cover)


Supports the head of the deceased; it is essentially a cloth bag stuffed with a soft filler material.

  • Box shape
  • Wedge shape
  • Clamshell (feminine aesthetics)
  • Foot- for full couch caskets



The portion of the casket upon which the deceased human remains are placed.

  • Adjustable and stationary



Consists of a separate mattress (usually of foam rubber or spun polyester), a frame to support the mattress, and mechanisms that allow the height of the mattress to be raised or lowered.

  • Some designs include mechanisms engineered to allow the plane fo the bed to pivot on a horizontal axis.

Adjustable Bed


Remains in a fixed position. The bed material (spun polyester, excelsior, etc) lies atop the casket's bottom and is finished with the mattress cover.

Stationary Bed


Interior cloth or material which covers the mattress or bedding of the casket.

Mattress Cover


  • Bed can be raised to a relatively high level for display in the funeral home selection room, enhancing the casket's overall appearance.
  • Bed may be left at a high level for purposes of casketing the deceased, eliminating excessive physical strain.
  • Deceased can be displayed in the most effective level/ most advantageous angle

Advantage of the Adjustable Bed


Material can be added or removed from the bedding to adjust the final placement height of the deceased.

The Stationary Bed can be Adjusted in a Limited Fashion


Material which drapes the inside perimeter of the body of the casket.

  • Covers the otherwise exposed interior of the casket's body.

Body Lining


A piece of fabric used to cover the body of the deceased; especially the lower legs and feet.

  • Provided in most full couch caskets
  • As much or as little of the deceased may be covered as the family and/or the funeral director deems appropriate, or as may be the local custom.