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deviation of mouth, facial asymmetry, TMJ

A) Anmian
B) Qian Zheng
C) Pigen
D) Dingchuan

B) Qian Zheng



A) anmian
B) qian zheng
C) pigen
D) dingchuan

A) anmian



A) dannangxue
B) heding
C) weiguanxiashun
D) zhou jian

C) weiguanxiashun


Gall Stones:

A) dannagxue
B) Heding
C) weiguanxiashun
D) zhoujian

a) dannangxue



A) dannagxue
B) Heding
C) weiguanxiashun
D) zhoujian

d) zhoujian


located in middle joint of middle finger, indicated for nausea and vomiting?

a) zhoujian
b) heding
c) luozhen
d) zhongqui

d) zhongqui


located 2 cun above Du 14, indicated for asthma, neck rigidity:

a) anmian
b) yingming
c) ba ilao
d) ba feng

c) bai lao


indicated for resuscitation:

a) si feng
b) shixuan
c) baxie
d) qiu huo

b) shi xuan


benefits GB and spreads LV qi, lower rebellious qi and harmonises the middle jiao, resolves damp-heat

a) GB 31
b) GB 37
c) GB 42
d) GB 21

c) GB 24
front mu of GB

GB 31 - has to do with wind or bi syndrome
GB 37 - Luo, for eyes
GB 21 - wind, orifices, more about head


regulates SP and resolves dampness, opens and moves water passages, benefits lower jiao

a) KD 7
b) SP 9
c) LU 9
d) Ren 3

b) SP 9 - also warms and moves middle jiao (moxa)


benefits shoulder and arm, removes obstructions from channel, brightens eyes

a) SI 6
b) LI 15
c) LI 7
d) SI 7

a) SI 6 - xi cleft removes obstructions from channel, brightens eyes bc nourishes the elderly

LI 15 - does not brighten eyes


dispels wind and dissipates fire, stops lacrimination and brightens eyes

a) SI 1
b) SJ 17
c) ST 1
d) SI 6

C) ST 1


spreads LV qi, subdues LV yang and extinguishes wind, nourishes LV blood and LV yin, clears head and eyes

a) LV 5
b) SP 6
c) DU 20
d) LV 3

c) DU 20 (wind due to LV blood def)


transforms phlegm, calms spirit, clears heat

a) PC 3
b) HT 3
c) LI 6
d) Ren 17

b) HT 3 - transforms phlegm drool


regulates water passages, frees network vessels

a) ST 40
b) LI 6
c) SP 4
d) HT 5

B) LI 6 - helps its zangfu pair LU to regulate water passage bc it is Luo


harmonize ST, subdues rebellious qi, fortifies SP

a) ST 29
b) UB 20
c) Ren 12
d) Ren 6

c) Ren 12 - front Mu of ST, where ST channel enters SP


unbinds chest and regulates HT, alleviates nausea and vomiting

a) PC 3
b) PC 6
c) HT 3
d) Ren 17

b) PC 6

PC 3 does not unbind chest, it cools blood
HT 3- phlegm drool, courses HT qi, clears pericardium, stabilize spirit disposition
Ren 17 - regulates qi, refers to diaphragm


expels wind and firms the exterior, frees yang qi of whole body?

a) LI 11
b) Du 14
c) GB 20
d) SJ 5

b) Du 14


benefits KD, regulates water passages and treats edema, regulates sweating

a) KD 5
b) KD 6
c) KD 7
d) KD 10

c) KD 7


tonifies KD yang and nourishes KD yin, regulates the water passages, benefits the uterus

a) SP 6
b) KD 4
c) UB 23
d) UB 28

C) UB 23


supplements earth to dispel water damp, tonifies the SP to improve transportation and transformation

a) SP 1
b) SP 21
c) UB 21
d) UB 20

d) UB 20 back shu of SP


benefits the hip and leg, dispels wind-dampness

a) GB 30
b) GB 31
c) GB 41
d) UB 36

A) GB 30


indicated for loss of voice, cough, sore throat

a) PC 3
b) HT 6
c) KD 4
d) LU 10

d) LU 10 - clears heat from throat


clears ST fire and used for toothaches

a) ST 42
b) ST 44
c) SP 1
d) SI 18

b) ST 44 - YS, clears heat from face; fx to promote downbearing of ST qi, harmonizes intestines and transforms stagnation

toothache from heat (local and distal)
ST 44 + LI 4 + ST 4,5,6


direct moxa to help stop excessive uterine bleeding

a) SP 1
b) SP 6
c) KD 1
d) KD 10

a) SP 1


dispels wind, resolves exterior, alleviate pain and induce labor

a) SJ 5
b) LI 4
c) SP 6
d) GB 21

b) LI 4

4 gates: LV 3 + LI 4 = relieves pain caused by LV qi stagnation

*SJ 5 also dissipates wind and resolves exterior, clears heat and resolves toxin, frees channels and quickens network vessels (LUO), but does not induce labor


invigorate blood, dispel blood stasis, cools the blood, stops bleeding, calms spirit and moderates acute conditions

a) PC 6
b) PC 4
c) PC 3
d) PC 1

b) PC 4 - xi cleft


clears pathogenic heat, resolves exterior

a) LV 5
b) HT 4
c) ST 36
d) LI 11

d) LI 11


clears deficiency fire and stops night sweating

a) KD 5
b) UB 63
c) HT 6
d) SI 6

c) HT 6 - nourishes HT yin

*all choices are xi cleft pts, SI 6 brightens eyes, has to do with vision, pain in shoulder, elbow and arm


treats diabetes

a) sishencong
b) xi yan
c) yaotongxue
d) weiguanxiashu

D) weiguanxiashu