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Complete the quote: 'like a huge flag...'

'Like a huge flag waved first one way, then the other in a figure of eight'


Analyse the quote 'like a huge flag...'

This quote has several meanings because 'flag' indicates a patriotic sacrifice for Japan, then 'first one way, then the other' demonstrates the soldier's initial preparation for the Kamikaze tradition, before a change in direction. Also, 'figure of eight' represents infinity as the number 8 on its side is ∞, telling us that death is infinite/eternal.


Complete the quote: 'the loose silver...'

'The loose silver of whitebait and once a tuna, the dark prince, muscular, dangerous'


Analyse the quote 'the loose silver...'

'the loose silver of whitebait' represents a deficiency of morality because in the Bible, Judas, the 13th disciple of Jesus had betrayed Jesus for silver, so this depicts her father's betrayal in a negative light with little morals. 'The dark prince...' shows her father's strong-willed nature, as he stood out of all soldiers, and defied his nation's tradition, so he is mentally very strong ('muscular'), but also, to the public his decision would've been 'dangerous' and 'dark'.


Complete the quote: 'and sometimes, he...'

'And sometimes, he must have wondered, which had been the better way to die.'


Analyse the quote 'and sometimes, he...'

This quote has 2 meanings:
the soldier's family and friends have completely ostracized him from their lives and abhor his actions, so he is emotionally non-existent, or unlike other family members, the daughter still accepts her father as she is dictating this tale to her children ('yes, grandfather's boat'), implying to us readers that she accepts him and is honoring him.