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describe germ line therapy

introduction of therapeutic genes into germ cells or omnipotent embryonic cells at stage 4-8
less practical not often done


describe somatice gene therapy

insert a therapeutic gene in somatic cells


compare ex vivo and in vivo gene therapy

ex vivo requires removing and cultureing cells from the patient then introducing the new gene before inserting back into the patients, much more specific
in vivo just insert the new gene, more practical for organs such as heart or lungs where you cant culture or re-implant the cells


describe the process of ex vivo gene therapy

cells are moved from the patient
a virus that cant replicate has the gene inserted into it then that altered virus is inserted into the patient cells
the cells are genetically altered then inserted back into the patent and produce the desired proteins


difference between stable and transient gene transfer

in stable the gene is incorporated into the chromosome so its expressed in daughter cells
in transient the gene is not expressed in the next generation


cytokine gene use in cancer

cytokines induce an inflammatory reaction in the tumor to destroy it
also induces antitumor cell immune reaction which will kill the remaining malignant cells of the primary tumor and also DISTANT METASTASES