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What is the Policy of General Order 300-29 Donation of time ?

When a City of Houston employee has exhausted
all available leave due to a disabling
illness or injury requiring an absence
of over 30 consecutive calendar days,
other City employees may donate part of
their available leave balance to that employee
under the Accrued Leave Donation

The donated time shall be credited to classified recipients as Paid Time Off (PTO) and to civilian recipients as sick time.


Classified employees may donate only



Civilian employees may donate only

Vacation Time


The decision to donate time is




To be considered as a recipient of the
Accrued Leave Donation Program, an
employee shall initiate a written request

The employee's division commander to the Office of Budget and Finance.

The letter of request shall have attached both a doctor's prognosis and a division-prepared Circular that asks for
employee time donations.


The request may be made prior to the end
of the 30-day absence.

Requests for donated leave shall be reviewed and approved or denied by

A committee consisting of supervisors from the Office of
Budget and Finance,
HPD Human Resources Division,
and the Employee Representative Council.


The committee shall then forward the request to the

the Chief of Police for review and issuance of a Circular
requesting donation of time if approved.


If the request is approved, donations of
time shall be accepted by

Personnel in the Classified Payroll Services of the Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department
(ARA), who shall prepare a donation package and send it to City of Houston Human Resources Department
for approval.


Time shall be donated in

four-hour increments and shall not exceed half of the
classified donor's current benefit year's PTO balance or half of the civilian donor's vacation leave balance.

The recipient shall not accrue time while using donated time.



What is required from all
employees requesting participation in the program.

Medical documentation

Employees under full dock status shall remain so until the City of Houston Human Resources Department has approved the request.

If the recipient returns to work before all donated time is exhausted, the donated time remains in the recipient's time balance.

If the recipient dies before all donated time is used, the equivalent of the donated time goes to the estate.



Donated time may be given or considered
only when all of the following are true:

A. Recipient has completed his or her full
new-hire probationary period.

B. Recipient is going to be absent due to
illness or injury for over 30 consecutive
calendar days.

C. Recipient's available leave balances
are or shall soon be exhausted.

D. The physician's prognosis accompanying the request for donated time states the employee's condition, why the employee must be off work, and
that the employee must be off work for over 30 consecutive calendar days.


No hours shall be credited beyond the employee's projected return to work date or

the commencement of social security or long-term disability benefits.


The maximum amount of donated time that can be received by an employee per illness or injury is

180 workdays.



Participation in the program

is voluntary.

There is no restriction on the number of
persons to whom an employee may donate



Civilian employees donating available vacation
leave time shall have completed

six months of their new-hire probationary


Classified employees donating
available PTO shall

have completed their full new-hire probationary period.


Employees who want to make a donation
shall complete

a Donation of Accumulated Leave form and submit it to ARA, Classified Payroll Services.