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The Houston Police Department is split into two specific operations?

1.) Field Operations
2.) The current Investigative Operation and Strategic Operations will be merged into one operation and renamed Investigative and Support Operations.


The Investigative and Support Operations are comprised of the following four commands/ One Office:

1.) Criminal Investigations Command
2.) Special Investigations Command
3.) Organizational Development Command
4.) Support Services Command

5.) The Office Of Technology Services


Criminal Investigations Command has the following division level responsibilities:

Auto Theft Division
Burglary & Theft Division
Homicide Division
Juvenile Division
Robbery Division
Special Victims Division


Special Investigations Command

Criminal Intelligence Division
Major Offenders Division
Narcotics Division
Vehicular Crimes Division
Vice Division


Organizational Development Command

Employee Services Division
Inspections Division
Psychological Services Division
Recruiting Division
Training Division


Support Services Command

Crime Analysis &Command Center
Emergency Communications


Office of Technology Services

Will be a direct report to Investigative and Support Operations


Field Operations has the following four Commands/ One Office:

1.) Homeland Security Command
2.) Patrol Region 1 Command
3.) Patrol Region 2 Command
4.) Patrol Region 3 Command

5.) Office of Planning


Homeland Security Command

Air Support Division
Airport – Division (Hobby)
Airport – Division (IAH)
Gang Division
Special Operations Division
Tactical Operations Division


Patrol Region 1 Command

Central Division (District 1 & 2 )
Kingwood Division (District 24)
North Division (District 3 &6 )
North Belt ( New/ Assessment of District Boundaries
Northeast Division (District 7, 8, & 9)
Traffic Enforcement Division


Patrol Region 2 Command

Clear Lake Division (District 12 )
Downtown Division ( Beat 1 A 10 )
Eastside Division (District 11 )
South Central Division ( District 10 )
Southeast Division ( District 13& 14)
Night Command


Patrol Region 3 Command

Midwest Division ( District 18 )
Northwest Division ( District 4& 5 )
South Gessner Division ( District 17 )
Southwest Division ( District 15 & 16 )
Westside Division ( District 19 & 20)
Mental Health Division


The Office Of Planning

The office of Planning will be a direct report to Field Operations


The Office Of The Chief Of Police will have following three offices direct reports:

1.) Office of Legal Services
2.) Office Of Budget and Finance
3.) Office Of Public Affairs


Internal Affairs Division / Central Intake Office

Will now direct report to the Office Of Legal Services


The Professional Development Command was renamed to?

Organizational Development Command (ODC) and report to Investigative and Support Operations


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Will be assigned to Organizational Development Command


The Security Operations Division will cease to exist and it will now be ?

A " Unit within the Downtown Division under Patrol Region 2 Command called the Security Operations Unit.


The Auto Theft Division has been reassigned to from the Special Investigation Command to ?

Criminal Investigations Command


The Gang Division has been reassigned from the Special Investigations Command to ?

To the Homeland Security Command


The Criminal Intelligence Division has been reassigned from the Homeland Security Command to ?

To the Special Investigations Command


The North Division will be split into two divisions?

1.) North Division will continue to have the area of responsibility for District 3 & 6
2.) North Belt Division