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What is sexual reproduction

Reproduction including fertilisation of a female sex cell by a male sex cell


What is asexual reproduction

Reproduction using one parent only that doesn't include fertilisation which produces clones


What are clones

Offspring that rare genetically identical to the parent


How common is asexual reproduction in animals

Very rare in vertebrates but more common in invertebrates


How do plants reproduce asexually

By using runners or bits of leaves or roots


How do plants use runners

They supply the daughter plant with water and nutrients until its leaves and roots are well developed. The daughter plant grows where a node in a runner touches the ground


What does sexual reproduction combine and produce

Combines characteristics from both parents and produces offspring that are genetically different from each other


Why is sexual reproduction an advantage

Is the offspring move to an area with different environmental conditions or if the environment changes


What does asexual reproduction combine and what does it produce

Has characteristics from one parent and produces offspring that are genetically identical to the parent (clones)


When is asexual reproduction an advantage

It's faster and when there is a lot of resources